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Ettercap is a multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN. It supports active and passive dissection of many protocols (even ciphered ones) and includes many feature for network and host analysis. Development has been moved to GitHub,



Related Projects

Ettercap-plugin-ftp-sniffer - FTP sniffer

Plugin for ettercap which implements catching tcp packets and receiving user and pass.

Gadu-Gadu IM ettercap dissector

ettercap-gg is a Gadu-Gadu IM ettercap dissector. It is a patch for ettercap sniffer that adds the ability to sniff Gadu-Gadu logins, passwords and messages. Gadu-Gadu ( is the most widely used IM network in Poland with ~6mln users.

Sergio-proxy - A multi-threaded transparent HTTP proxy for manipulating web traffic

Sergio Proxy was created to deal with some of the significant shortcomings that Ettercap filters have when modifying HTTP traffic. It tries to provide an easily extensible Python interface for on-the-fly manipulation of HTTP traffic. Currently, Sergio Proxy already has a number of helpful plugins that allow you to set up the MITM attack, inject arbitrary data into a session, launch browser attacks from Metasploit, and dynamically replace files with malicious versions.

Mitmjws - A basic script to automate mitm attacks

The script calls airbase, ettercap, sslstripper and driftnet, requires aircrack-ng with experimental software.

Browser-in-the-middle - It's there. Now combine it.

browser-in-the-middle is a bashscript that uses ettercap, metasploit and the beEF framework to make attacks that injects code in pages users visited on the internet from the local network. - uses ettercap to launch a man in the middle attack - ettercap modifies traffic so evil javascript or iframes are added - victim's browser will be redirect to the attackers webserver - the webserver will be running the msf autopwn module or the beEF framework to launch browserexploits are other browser relate

Easy-creds - Linux bash script for MITM attacks

The easy-creds script is a bash script that leverages ettercap and other tools to obtain credentials during penetration testing. Menu driven, it allows you to easily attack with basic arp spoofing, oneway arp spoofing and DHCP spoofing and the setup of a Fake AP. In addition it has an SSLStrip log file parser that leverages a definition file to give you the compromised credentials and the site they have come from. Happy hunting!

J-tak - java applet server used for mitm attacks

J-tak demonstrates the effects of a mitm attack utilizing the popular java applet infection method. The applet source is resigned every time it's loaded so that they are not blocked. Once an applet has been successfully ran, the client is blacklisted. A tool such as ettercap, airpwn, middler or wifitap can be used to inject the iframe into webpages.

weeman - :tropical_fish: HTTP Server for phishing in Python

HTTP server for phishing in python. (and framework) Usually you will want to run Weeman with DNS spoof attack. (see dsniff, ettercap).

Deftlinux - a Computer Forensics Live Cd

About DEFTDEFT (acronym of 'Digital Evidence & Forensic Toolkit) is a customized distribution of the Kubuntu live Linux CD. It is a very easy to use system that includes an excellent hardware detection and the best open source applications dedicated to incident response and computer forensics. Deft is meant to be used by: police investigators system administrator individuals and all the people who need to use forensic tool but don't know the open source operative systems and the Forensic techniq

ettercap - ettercap - a ncurses-based sniffer/interceptor utility

ettercap - a ncurses-based sniffer/interceptor utility

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