MIDAS - Mac Intrusion Detection Analysis System

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The `launcher.py` file exists at the top level of the `midas` directory. Itgathers some simple information about the host it's executing on (such as time,hostname, etc) and defines the ways that it should handle modules of certainlanguages. To add a supported language, create a new instance of`TyLanguage` in `launcher.py` and add it to the `SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES` list. Ifyou'd like to change the way a certain language is supported (perhaps you'dlike all python modules to be executed with a custom version of python), youcan change the attributes (such as `execution_string`) of the language.Once key definitions are made, the launcher will iterate through all files(note that directories are explicitly skipped) in the `modules` subdirectory.For each file in the directory, if a language entry is found that indicateshow to deal with that filetype, the file is executed and the stdout of themodule are appended to a log file in the `log` subdirectory. Note that amodule `modules/example.py` will generate a log file `logs/example.log`.




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