cdncontrol - CLI tool for working with multiple CDNs

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`cdncontrol` is available on rubygems. Add the following to your `Gemfile`:```rubygem 'cdncontrol'```or install the gem manually:```bashgem install cdncontrol```The gem installs the *cdncontrol* binary at ```/usr/bin/cdncontrol```CDNControl Configuration-------------------CDNControl requires a configuration file in order to function, which needs to be in ```/usr/local/etc/cdncontrol.conf```Below is a sample config file with all supported options included, followed by an explanation of each section.```yamlorganization: "myorganisation"username: "username"password: "password"output_path: "/var/www"cdncontrol_ui_hostname: ""valid_providers: - provider1 - provider2 - provider3targets: target1: zone: nodes: - - - - graph_url: "" graph_color_key: provider1: "



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