Epeios timecode manager

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Timecode-related libraries and software.




Related Projects

Ahmidas - Parallelized contraction codes for lattice QCD

Ahmidas aims to provide a tool for performing contractions of lattice propagators into physical correlators, using parallel computing since the memory footprint of contracting on top of current European Twisted Mass Collaboration simulations warrants such an approach. The interface is written in terms of lattice wide operators, which enables support for parallelism under the hood..


R package implementing analysis tools for lattice QCD


tmLQCD is a freely available software suite providing a set of tools to be used in lattice QCD simulations. This is mainly a (P)HMC implementation for Wilson and Wilson twisted mass fermions and inverter for different versions of the Dirac operator. The code is fully parallelised and ships with optimisations for various modern architectures, such as commodity PC clusters and the Blue Gene family.


Lemon is an MPI parallel I/O library that is intended to allow for efficient parallel I/O of both binary and metadata on massively parallel architectures. Data is stored in the SciDAC Lattice QCD Interchange Message Encapsulation format, that allows for storing large blocks of binary data and corresponding metadata in the same file.