Ethernut Embedded Ethernet

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Open Source SW/HW Project for Embedded Ethernet Applications. Works with AVR ATmega256/128/103, SAM7X, SAM7S(E), SAM9, AT91X40, GameBoy Advance, RTL8019AS, LAN91C111, CS8900 and DM9000E chips. Offers a tiny TCP/IP stack including HTTP, FTP and DHCP.



Related Projects

Ethernut-uc3 - Nut/OS port to Atmel's AVR32 UC3 platform

This is a port of Ethernut Nut/OS to AVR32 UC3. AP7xxx family might also be considered in this port, but focus is given on stable and complete UC3 support. Code developed here have been pushed to mainstream repository. Please check the ethernut releases and svn for stable implementations at We are looking for developers. Contact project admins if you wish to help.

GPIB-Ethernut Controller

An universal Lan-to-GPIB adapter for lab instruments using the Egnite Ethernut 2.1; code in AVR C; supports http protocals and able to run cgi scripts; Primary interface is command based; software, firmware, and hardware schematics are all available

Bamo128 - a monitor program for avr8 microcontroller

"When I was your age, we had 8 bit CPUs and assembler! And we liked it! And we didn't complain!" above is "cut -> copy -> paste -> modify" from Bamo128 is a resident monitor program for AVR8 microcontrollers. The monitor is written in assembler (GNU toolchain: avr-as) and communicates with the host-PC via a serial interface with an appropriate terminal program (preferably arduinokermit or minikermit from With bamo128 you can: - visit/m


devnut_m3n branch of the SVN ethernut tree, used for housekeeping