Ether DCAS

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A new approach to a CAS. ANSI-C. Portable to All OSes which supports an ANSI-C compiler. Simplification, rearrangement, graphing, numeric evaluation, exporting to HTML and latex source.



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EtherApe is a graphical network monitor modeled after etherman. Featuring Ethernet, IP, TCP, FDDI, Token Ring and wireless modes, it displays network activity graphically. Hosts and links change in size with traffic. Color coded protocols display.

EtherLab EtherCAT Master

IgH EtherCAT Master for Linux


RTL-EtherBootD is an Open Source project which consists of porting the Ethernet card drivers provided in the Etherboot project to RTLinux.

ethercard - EtherCard is a driver for the ENC28J60 chip, compatible with Arduino IDE

EtherCard is a driver for the ENC28J60 chip, compatible with Arduino IDE

Pdftoolbox4 - Helios Scripts for callas pdfToolbox 4

Notification and hotfolder script for Helios EtherShare + pdfToolbox 4 (Server|CLI).

ssl decryption for ethereal

ethereal patch and external plugin to enable ssl decryption for ssl v3 tls v1 sessions with RSA key exchange

Json-sdo - JsonSDO - HTTP based method to communicate with field bus devices

This project specifies a method to communicate by a JSON based protocol with CANopen or EtherCAT fieldbus devices. The software coming along demonstrates a Javascript based client and a Java servlet which represents a simulated DS 301 device. Main featuresfield bus device can carry its own commissioning tool with itself. Only an internet browser is required to "run" the tool. simple programming in Javascript low firmware overhead suited for 8 or 16 bit architectures


EtherCard is a driver for the ENC28J60 chip, compatible with Arduino IDE

Ethereal Realms

Ethereal Realms, a concept chat and role play system that has acquired additional components such as social networking, galleries and message boards. The code borrows themes from Plenty of Fish, Elfwood/Gallery and the defunct WBS.

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