Ethane - Easy to thrive ad hoc network

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Multihop ad hoc networks rely on auto configuration in most of the system's building blocks. The goal of this project is to generate easy to install and use packages for multihop ad hoc network auto configuration tasks.



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Ethan-csharp-samples - library of c# code samples

this project is going to contain sample code which starts with very simple c# sample code. Later, I'm going to discuss object modeling and design.

Umb-scope - Systematized Contributions for Original Problems and Exercises

Systematized Contributions for Original Problems and Exercises is a WordPress plugin. It provides an electronic blackboard where instructors can post and download math problems suggested by newspaper articles, magazines, journals and/or web content. Students and instructors can browse and comment on posted problems.It supports user login, spam control, and usage statistics. Clients: Ethan Bolker Maura Mast The SCOPE Team: Diana W. Esteves Ming Lei Joyce Mutisya Rinky H. Pandya Octavio Pinto Ship

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Taskpaper is a Mac application for creating lightweight todo lists. Taskpaper is themeable. "Solarized" is a palette of sixteen color palette (eight monotones, eight accent colors) designed for use with terminal and gui applications. This is a Python script for creating Taskpaper themes based on the Solarized pallette.

Altus - A new type of game engine.

Altus Game EngineAltus is Latin for high/mighty/deep.This project is mainly an experiment in SDL/OpenGL, but I hope to soon turn it into a very unique and simple game engine for 2D and 3D games. Currently this project uses a mix of C/C++ but I want to slowly transition to Lua if possible. Feel free to contribute to this engine! I will be posting some samples soon, but the source code is already available. This is a project built from the ground up, on top of SDL/OpenGL.

Eblackwelder - Projects by Ethan Blackwelder

Projects by Ethan BlackwelderSub-projects IndexBy Language: PHP Use: Arbitrarily (re)index array data. Download: v1.0 TagBuilder Language: PHP Use: Programmatically compose well-formed HTML fragments Download: v1.0 Demo: MyWidgetsLibrary Language: Javascript Use: A collection of widgets for My Library (some new, some used). Demo: LicenseMIT license DeveloperHome page

Vgl3 - The Virtual Genetics Lab (VGL)

The Virtual Genetics Lab (VGL) is a simulation of transmission genetics that approximates, as closely as possible, the hypothesis-testing environment of genetics research. In this lab, students cross hypothetical creatures and examine the progeny in order to determine the mechanism of inheritance of a particular trait. As in actual research, it is not possible to 'see the answer' - the student must decide for herself when she has collected enough data to be sure of her model. The goal is to have

Mashup-ethancaleb-ethancaleb - EthanCalebPlay

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

3d-scene-editor - 3D scene editor

Project 4 CISE 6930: Virtual Environments, Spring 2009 University of Florida Work in progress. Ethan Blackwelder, Sid Garg, and Shayan Javed.