C# Eternity II Solver

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C# 3.5 project to solve the Eternity II puzzle.




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GPU, a Global Processing Unit

An extensible framework for distributed computing on P2P grids. We support peaceful free and open research and build an internet supercomputer. We render movies, solve Eternity puzzles, predict climate and improve a ~30 GHz cluster of clients.

Pyela - Python Tools & APIs For Eternal Lands

PyelaTools and application programming interfaces (APIs) for the open-source & free MMORPG, Eternal Lands. Pyela is an implementation of the Eternal Lands network protocol in Python. The aim of this project is to provide an object oriented API and framework for communicating over the Eternal Lands protocol and to allow rapid and simple development of tools and other features that would communicate with an EL server (such as bots). Apart from the APIs, there are also tools in the works. The first

Eternity2-java-helper - Java applet to solve both manually and automatically the Eternity2 puzzle

The main idea is to develop a java applet that could be played on a public web page to play with a eternity2-like puzzle. The copyrighted pieces description and color pattern have to be provided by the user if he wants to play with the real game. Other way, there will be possibility to play with generated pieces. The applet will give the possibility to move manually the pieces on the puzzle board with some highlights to help. There will be as well included some automated algorithm to solve some

Edify - A highly customisable web platform written in PHP and javascript

Edify - to Improve and InstructEdify is a simple to use but incredibly powerful web platform for creating websites with 'oomph'. It is comparable to programs like Wordpress or PHPNuke with the exception that it can be used much more freely for any possible website. Want an online shop with an image gallery? Want a forum with a downloads collection? Want a personal blog with embedded videos? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Edify is for you! The project's name was chosen due to

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Stable release: 2.1.2 / GDataCopier is changing, keep a track by reading DevelopmentNotes30 GDataCopier provides comprehensive set of tools for System Administrators (mostly on Unix like platforms) to list, manage, backup and synchronise documents stored on Google's Document Service. Some major features are: scp like syntax to list and copy documents filter documents based on folders, file names supports hosted and gmail accounts syncs date stamps with server download updated files only (great f

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Do you need to sync your SMF2.0 users within Joomla! and or provide a wrapped view of your forum inside Joomla! ? then this bridge is what you need. Online demo: removed demo account, login: test password: test Public discussion group: http://groups.google.com/group/sjsb NoteAt the moment my time budget for this project has gone, and I can not support more RC versions. I'm waiting for 2.0 final like everyone out there to start planning more work. If anyone with coding ambitions and spare time wa

Multicache4j - integrate with remote cache and local cache, for example memcached, redis, ttserver,

1.featuremulticache4j用于为Java集���cache组件: 方便集���remote cache memcached (支�组件spymemcached) memcacheq (支�组件spymemcached) memcachedb (支�组件spymemcached) ttserver (支�组件spymemcached, ttserverclient) redis (支�组件jedis) 方便集���local cache ehcache 基于对象池技术管�客户端连接对象,网络断开能够自动�连 基于Pattern Mapping进行哈希映射 支�remote cache和local cache的混�缓存 支�loca