E-Tech Timer

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E-Tech Timer is a simple but unique Windows timer that has many innovative features.




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The MySQL database is the world's most popular open source database.


Vdbench is a disk and tape I/O workload generator for verifying data integrity and measuring performance of direct attached and network connected storage on Windows, Solaris, Linux, AIX, OS/X and HP/UX.


Easy bootstrap quot;Gentoo Prefixquot; for several unix-like operating systems (Solaris, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Interix, ...)


This software (written in C using Glib/Gtk+) allows you to set up a High-Availability fault tolerant cluster, for Linux, Solaris, and other UX systems. It includes heartbeat mechanism (network and/or disk), a monitoring process.

Bastille UNIX

Bastille Linux is a Hardening and Reporting/Auditing Program which enhances the security of a Linux box, by configuring daemons, system settings and firewalling. It currently functions on most major Linux distributions as well as Mac OSX and HP-UX.

Ux-trie - More Succinct Trie Data structure

UX is a library for managing string collections, and support several string operations efficiently as in trie. Ready to use, but not documented yet. Be care that the ux is not stable now; the index format, and API would be changed. I will announce when I release a stable version.

Ext-ux - extentions for ExtJS

Different extentions for ExtJS:Requirements: Extjs supported browsers Extjs 3.1 (tested) PHP 5 (server side) Ext.ux.fileBrowserScreenshot: Functions: browse folders & files delete, create, rename folders upload, download, rename files choose file thumbs preview for images Change log: 1.1 + Thumbs preview for images Last version: http://ext-ux.googlecode.com/files/Ext.ux.fileBrowser_1.1.zip