ESUP-Portail phpCAS

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phpCAS is a PHP interface to ITS Central Authentication Service ( for PHP web applications developped by the ESUP-Portail group (



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Prototype of an PHP application

PrototypePHP is a MVC application written in php, which include : smarty, adodb, objetbdd, phpgacl and esup-phpcas. Login can be manage into a database, ldap directory or a SSO-CAS. Menus are automatically generated. Modules are described in a xml file.

Zimbra-api-php - An API in PHP for working with Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Working with the Zimbra SOAP API can sometimes be complicated for simple business logic. This API helps to simplify this process when developing with PHP. The code is also available on Plymouth State's website, it is possible that the code provided there may be more current than what is here. Plymouth State is running this in production with their Zimbra 5.x install. Plymouth State's PHP Zimbra API Brief and simple example: <?phprequire_once 'zimbra.class.php'; // include the library$zimbra = ne

Rubycas-server - Single sign-on authentication for enterprise web apps

RubyCAS-Server is an implementation of the server-end of JA-SIG's CAS protocol, providing a cross-domain single sign-on solution for web applications.OverviewRubyCAS-Server gives you:A stand-alone central login page where the user enters their credentials (i.e. their username and password). A mechanism for validating the user's credentials against various backends (a table in a SQL database, ActiveDirectory/LDAP, Google accounts, etc.) A back-end validator where CAS-enabled client applications c