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Estraier is a personal full-text search system for web sites, local file systems, mail boxes, and so on. Estraier has flexible interface and it can handle multilingual documents and various file formats with external plug-ins.



Related Projects

Acts-as-searchable - ActiveRecord Plugin to add fulltext searching based on HyperEstraier

This library adds fulltext searching capabilities based on Hyper Estraier ( to an ActiveRecord module.

Hyper Estraier

Hyper Estraier is a full-text search system. It works as with Google, but based on peer-to-peer architecture. Using Hyper Estraier, we can construct a large-scaled search engine with cheap computers.

Remora Project

Remora provides local document search capabilities to the iPhone and iTouch. The project uses the open source search engine Hyper Estraier together with a live search powered by Yahoo!


mod_estraier is an apache module that registers web pages processed by the apache and search from them using hyperestraier.

Webpac2 - WebPAC - powerfull data mungling software

WebPAC started as Web Public Access Catalog project, but soon turned into powerful mungler for library data. It includes input filters for CDS/ISIS, MARC and Excel, and produces MARC or entries in search engines (Hyper Estraier or KinoSearch). Data normalization is described in small perl-like language (actually set of perl subroutines) which looks as resonable as a config file, but you have all the power which perl gives to you if you need it. For those more down-to-earth problems, or if perl-l

Search-Estraier - Release history of Search-Estraier

Release history of Search-Estraier

estraier - estraier - a full-text search engine

estraier - a full-text search engine

gnus-est - Emacs GNUS ??HyperEstraier??????????????

Emacs GNUS ??HyperEstraier??????????????