Essence Java Framework

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Essence is a simple Java framework with modules for Quantitative Analysis and Distributed Data systems.



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Txtengine - Extract main text from web page

Make page more readableMore Infomation Less WasteGet the essence of the web page. Make readers get exact what they want!

Goot - Gestion de véhicules

Goot doit permettre de gérer plusieurs véhicules. Le programme permettra de suivre sa consommation d'essence et l'entretien. Il sera destiné aux particuliers pour gérer uniquement quelques véhicules (contrairement à une flotte).

Essence-rmi - A simple, fast, low latency & high throughput messaging and RMI framework.

Essence RMI is designed to be a simple low latency, high throughput messaging and RMI framework. The framework supports messaging latency as low as 9-30 µs over network latency and synchronous RMI calls with a latency of 20-60 µs (over the ping time of the network), depending on the number and type of arguments. In tests, 98% of calls took less than 60 µs longer than the ping time. For example, on a network with a ping latency of 90 µs, the RMI latency was around 110-150 µs. The framework s

Ddotjs - d.js - providing you with a one JavaScript file library, for quick development, getting up

What is d.js?d.js is a small, easy to use, well tested and cross browser AJAX/JavaScript library. d.js abstracts all the basic JavaScript functionality that is either missing in the browsers or that is implemented differently across browsers. It provides functionality for: querying, animations, DOM interaction and even functional programming and much more. Why is d.js "the essence of JavaScript"?You get all you really need to work with JavaScript, you get an event system, DOM abstraction, OO hel

Hovispresenter - Lightweight, fast Windows presentation software

Hovis Presenter is a lightweight and fast alternative to the likes of Powerpoint for running presentations. It contains no slide creation tools, and only displays images (jpg/png/gif) and video files in the Windows Media Video format. However it is designed for very fast video start up, usually under a quarter of a second for a standard sized video. This makes it preferable to Powerpoint et al. that can take several seconds to achieve this. This fast starting of video makes it crucial for presen

Nirrs-xna-rpg - My attempt to create a Final Fantasy-esque RPG using XNA

This is my first full fledged attempt at both a C# program and an XNA game. I'm diving right into the deep end and learning both at the same time. The as of yet untitled RPG aims to capture the essence of older Final Fantasy games. Development is rather slow going as I have to research all the concepts I'm trying to implement as I've never made a game before. Special thanks to where I have found some of the sprites I've chosen to use in the game.

Whefs - Embedded Filesystem Library for C

Welcome to the whefs Projectwhefs ( Embedded Filesystem) is an Open Source C library implementing an embedded/virtual filesystem. It works by creating a "filesystem" inside a so-called container file (or in memory). This API can then treat that container similarly to a filesystem. In essence this is similar to conventional archives (e.g. zip files), except that this library provides random-access read/write support to the filesystem via an API similar to the conventional fopen(

Simpledbo - A simple data abstraction layer for PHP and MySQL

OverviewThe SimpleDBO (Database Object) is a database abstraction layer for PHP and MySQL. It wraps your database table into a PHP object whose properties are mapped to columns in your table. In essence, an instance of a SimpleDBO object represents a row from your table. Let's say you have a table that contains a list of people. It might look something like this: Name


Polyethylene is a project that tries to break the web programming model that is, in essence, stateless, transforming it to a natural event-driving paradigm.


EssenceOne Php Framework is an Alphanumeric Framework designed for rapid Php Development applying Php's Founder "Rasmus Lerdorf" Procedural Straight Approach.