Esoteric language interpreters collection

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A collection of esoteric language interpreters, written in c#4. Currently, interpreters for FALSE, BrainF**k, Befrunge-93 and WARP



Related Projects

The Towers of Hanoi

This project collects the classical quot;Towers of Hanoiquot; problem in many programming languages, including lesser known and/or esoteric ones.

Pybrainfck - Smallest python interpreter for Brainfuck

Smallest interpreter for the esoteric language Brainfuck.

Abacus-language - A vaguely esoteric interpreted language that runs over C++.

An interpreter for the ABaCus esoteric programming language. It is a component for a larger project (gpl-gameprogramminglibrary), but I am developing it independently of the rest of the GPLGPL team so it is being stored here as well as with the GPLGPL code. Repository may be out of date. v1.0 "/": Turing-complete, but definitely a Turing tarpit. Comments supported. Commands can be found at the ABaCus v1.0 wiki page. Completely deprecated; everything from this has been thrown out at this point fo


Obfunae is an interpreter for the Obfuna esoteric programming language.

Piedit - An IDE/Interpreter for the Piet programming language

Piedit is a Graphical IDE and integrated interpreter for the Piet programming language. Piet is an esoteric programming language inspired by Piet Mondrian, where the programs look like abstract art. The colours and arrangement of the pixels control the program flow and operation. For a more detailed explanation, see the Piet Homepage. Written in Python with a GTK interface designed in Glade. Features Create, edit and save Piet programs easily using the UI Run programs using the command line inte

Esoteric Combine

Primary aim of this project is a creation of combine interpreter able to execute as much as possible esoteric languages.

Gimp-vtf - Valve Texture Format support for the GIMP

Allows the GNU Image Manipulation Program to read and write Valve Texture Format files on Windows. A relatively simple save options screen is used. To access VTF's more esoteric features make your textures with VTFEdit. There are two GIMP-specific features. You can: Specify a layer to use as the VTF's alpha channel. This bypasses most problems with GIMP's readiness to destroy the RGB data of fully-transparent pixels. Export each layer group to a different VTF file. Store related textures in one

Mobilemachine - Java JME IDE for a Turing-like machine

Written by a kid inspired by brainfuck language. The goal was to assist coding brainfuck-like stuff on the go. This is not a strict brainfuck interpreter implementation, but is mainly based on those ideas. As the language itself, the whole project's goal is fun. So have fun!

Zeded - Nondeterministic Zero Instruction Set VM

ZEDED - Nondeterministic Zero Instruction Set Computer— Who's Zed? — Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead... ZEDED is an esoteric (read: pointless) nondeterministic zero-instruction VM that interprets at least two raw binary files concurrently. The idea was influenced by nondeterminism, concurrency, ZISCs, the quantum wave function collapse, and Pulp Fiction. ZEDED has no syntax as the language (and machine) has no instructions or opcodes. Essentially, any binary (or hex, for ease of readability) str