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Esos is a GTK2-based program for converting values expressed in one unit into another. It supports conversion between multiple types of units, falling into categories such as temperature, distance, volume, mass, etc.



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esoTalk - Forum Software Reinvented

esoTalk is free, open-source Internet forum software written in PHP and MySQL. It is intent on being extremely simple, fast, and modern, containing all of the essential features a forum might need, and a powerful plugin system allowing developers to extend it in any way they like.

xEsoView - eso file viewer

xEsoView is a file viewer for Energy+ .eso output files. xEsoView uses the Qwt extension of the Qt toolkit from Trolltech Inc.

Porralia - Ayuda para procesar encuestas en Twitter / Poll processing for Twitter

Módulos en Perl para procesar encuestas y eso, y scripts en GreaseMonkey para añadir funcionalidad a twitter. --- A few perl modules and greasemonkey hacks for improving the Twitter experience.

Prestas - sistema para el control de la biblioteca y videoteca personal

Prestas (sin albur) es un sistema para llevar la lista de libros y películas y los registros de préstamos y devoluciones hechos... con eso de que luego se prestan y se olvida.

Maxcut - resolucion del problema maxcut con metaheurísticas

Usando las siguientes metaheurísticas se espera resolver y compara los tiempos del problema de MaxCut - Búsqueda local (primer mejor) - Búsqueda local (mejo mejor) - ajsdlkf anealing - Tabú - ... eso por ahora

Team-eso - Relevant, Necessary and Usable plugins for Minecraft using the Bukkit interface.

We here at Team ESO have quite a few plugins in store for everybody. The drive behind our plugin choices are to promote the player ecosystem that we have on our server. And that is the primary focus for these plugins. That said, we do code with other servers in mind, so that we can release these plugins to the general public to enhance their servers in similar ways. We love what minecraft has become and believe that the modding community for SMP is a vital part of why minecraft is what it is tod