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ESM (Extensible System Monitor) is a daemon that lets you tie together plugins to monitor and report on your system. The plugins communicate with ESM via standard input and standard output and can be easilly written in any language.



Related Projects


This program takes an ESM file, downloaded from a digital tachograph or a driver card (used in the European Union for trucks heavier than 3.5 tons), and converts it into human-readable form, either html or simple plaintext.

Apache ESME - Apache ESME (Enterprise Social Messaging Environment) is a secure and highly scalable

Apache ESME (Enterprise Social Messaging Environment) is a secure and highly scalable microsharing and micromessaging platform that allows people to discover and meet one another and get controlled access to other sources of information, all in a business process context.

eSMS, SMS Service from (X)Emacs

An elisp package that will enable (X)Emacs users to send SMS messages directly from (X)Emacs.

Esme-java-library - Java Client Library for ESME

This porject provides a java client library for ESME Microblogging tool ( it supports the new API2 of this project.

Esmeproject - Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment

ESME is now part of the Apache Incubator : is a project originating in the SAP Community secure and highly scalable microsharing platform that allows people to meet and discover one another in a business process context. The server side and web client for ESME are written in Scala, using the lift framework, and will compile to Java bytecode which will deploy to and run on any server running Java 1.5 or higher. Also included is a desktop client developed in A

Scalasmpp - Scala SMPP v 3.4 implementation

SMPP v3.4 ESME implementation written in Scala . This implementation based on and targeted to simplify library and eventually replace Java version.

Smppclient - SMPP v 3.4 protocol implementation written in Java.

SMPP Client Library - open source SMPP v3.4 Protocol implementation. KISS design, maximum flexibility. See usage examples at wiki.

Esmre - Regular expression acceleration in Python using Aho-Corasick

esmre is a Python module that can be used to speed up the execution of a large collection of regular expressions. It works by building a index of compulsory substrings from a collection of regular expressions, which it uses to quickly exclude those expressions which trivially do not match each input. Here is some example code that uses esmre: >>> import esmre>>> index = esmre.Index()>>> index.enter(r"Major-General\\W*$", "savoy opera")>>> index.enter(r"\\bway\\W+haye?\\b", "sea shanty")>>> index

esms -- send SMS to mobile phones

esms is a simple program which sends SMS (short messages) to cellular phones. It splits big messages into many fragments, which are later sent with error control. Only works for cellular phones in Spain. It is currently inactive due to end of web-to-SMS