Executive Security Information System

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ESIS features a holistic compliance dashboard that encompasses the overall panel of IT Risks areas tuned to the specific corporate environment. The development of version 1.1 is in progress, see http://www.consulare.ch/apps/mediawiki/index.php5?title=ESIS-Wiki:ESIS-1.1 for updates.




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Mongrel-esi - ESI Proxy Caching Server

AboutMongrel-ESI is an ESI Server built as a Mongrel::Handler. It uses ragel to implement a native ESI Parser and the ruby language to make it easy to run and install. ESI stands for Edge Side Include. Edge Side meaning as near as possible to your customers. Include because it's a set of tags you include in your pages. Based on Mongrel, it is a light weight easy to install cache server that handles a subset of the ESI spec. It's parser is written using ragel, so it's fast and portable. SupportPl

Diesil-java - Archivos utilizados en el blog

Recopilación de los proyectos usados en el blog http://wiki.netbeans.org/DiESiL

Uclm-esi-alarcos - Proyectos de Alarcos

Repositorio personal de López, J.D. para proyectos del grupo de investigación Alarcos (Escuela Superior de Informática de Ciudad Real -UCLM-)

Esi-10 - Project of ESI

Progetto di ESI, DISI, Genova

Pesi - Pylons/ESI Enabled CMS

A CMS powered by Pylons utilizing ESI through a page and block method.

easy_esi - Rails: Cached pages with updated partials

Rails: Cached pages with updated partials


An Object Oriented Programming Language and Development Environment - Extending ANSI MUMPS.


An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the ESI Objects language (object-oriented MUMPS) that works on linux and, eventually, other UNIX-like Operating Systems.