Essential Software Installer

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This program is made to simplify the process of Re-formatting/Installing windows on a PC. It can also be used to find Updates for and to get easy access to useful websites. Please note that this is a Java Based app and require java to run *link Incl.



Related Projects

Vital-video - Video Interactions for Teaching and Learning

June 22, 2009. The Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) is pleased to announce that Video Interactions for Teaching and Learning (VITAL), a web-based application for video analysis and multimedia essay writing will be released to the public under an open source license. VITAL offers a comprehensive, course-based system that includes the ability to manage courses with their unique syllabi, assignments, video library, and student rosters. VITAL focuses on the writing of "mu


SemanticESys is a common platform for B2C and B2B e-commerce system based on J2EE architecture. It adopts SOA concept and leads semantically interactive functions such as supply locating.

Reqg - Projeto de Gerenciamento de Requisitos

Este projeto está sendo desenvolvido na disciplina de Engenharia de Software II na UFPI (2011.1), e consiste na implementação de uma ferramenta de gerenciamento de requisitos que foi especificado na disciplina de ESI (2010.2).

Alpha3 - Alphanumeric shellcode encoder

#_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________# # ,sSSs,,s, ,sSSSs, : ALPHA3 - Alphanumeric shellcode encoder. # dS" Y$P" YS" ,SY : # iS' dY ssS" : Copyright (C) 2003-2010 by SkyLined. # YS, dSb SP, ;SP : <> # `"YSS'"S' "YSSSY" : #_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________# ALPHA3 is

29942f10b6dea2be0b5fcb44a4db8331 - OpenLDAP als Single Sign On Lösung in Heterogenen Netzen

ut rem et. Thenternane appete vidisitum Pla, ta quaet dixionsi vitiamuraegripsum tio, eomnimaxiscur seravi, quo quo ea, se cipsoluditurbis es inimet nontur laturum st, nostia fore dem At il eatioritatiam ius fugiturunte voluptest que fuga turatempelegam andum, nummelicilest ad esimihilo misersarbi, sinimus quo nimo ipsungum nost quidem esi lorummodem senesi pla corpont es con parabemporbatiariscipsaperobilinfactis? Torehes ent eo turiis vulterero anine, sibus doluperusapperuda doctati dos eos an

Iso2uclm - Proyecto de ISO II ESI-UCLM

Proyecto para la practica 1 de ISO

Supinfo-mail - Applet permettant d&#39;être avertie en cas de nouveau mail sur sa boite mail SUPINF

SUPINFO MailSUPINFO Mail est un applet pour GNOME permettant d'être avertie en cas de nouveau mail sur sa boite mail SUPINFO. Dépendance:python 2.4 python-notify python-glade python-gnome2 python-gobject python-gtk2

Testoskernel - TestOs kernel for Students &amp; Researchers

Projects for Students for the TestOS project Test Os KernelTest Os kernel is an open source project, founded to provide an educational and research Kernel. It's designed to be a tiny and very simple kernel with small parts that can be used independently in of other kernels. Students can easily read the kernel source and understand it because it contains only the necessary parts of a real kernel, and thus students and researchers can easily use it in their projects. This program is free software;

Kopul - Kopt : Kind of pack/unpack language

a DSL for describing binary data. Generate encoder/decoder as standalone library or interpreted at runtime. examples//A TYPE PASCAL STRINGpascalString={len:#8 [#8 (len)]}char=#8// A CSTRINGcstring1=[c:char (?c!=0)]cstring2=[char (?)]// A CSTRING : IMPLICIT USE OF REGISTERScstringshort=[#8(?)]// OPCODE MAPPING// * just 2 type functions and 1 enummodRM(mod,ro,rm)={rm:#3 ro:#3 mod:#2}sib(ss,sib,base)={base:#3 id:#3 ss:#2}R32_MAP=<%EAX=0,ECX,EDX,EBX,ESP,EBP,ESI,EDI%>// * the ADD instructionADD={opco

Iso2-practicas-11-12 - Prácticas de la asignatura de Ingeniería del Software 2. Curso 2011-12

Se debe desarrollar una tienda virtual que permita la venta de artículos a clientes. Para ello, la tienda contará con una base de datos que permita gestionar los productos que vende, sus clientes, las ventas, etcétera.