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Pohse CMS-b23

This project features a basic php/mysql content management and a public customizable interface. multi-user access and e-shop are included.

Opencart Czech translation

Czech traslation of open-source PHP eshop opencart ( Českyacute; překlad open-source PHP eshopu opencart (

Eshop-java-prog2 - eshop in Java

e-shop Prog2 Anna-Karina Hermann, Nils Langhorst

Linuke - e-shop

A Ruby on Rails e-Shop System.

Eshopprog2 - eshop prog2

eshop von mareike, ulli und moritz

Eshopsshsbremen - developing a eshop in java for personal training

Developing a eshop system in java for reaching the goal in the secon semester at the University of applied Science Bremen.

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