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esearch is an extensible firefox-like searchbar seemless integrated within eclipse.



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Bwsproxy - Biological Web Services Proxy

The Biological Web service Proxy is a free resource which main goal is to speedup the responses from different web services related with biology, bioinformatics and synthetic biology. The proxy catches several operations that highly demand computational resources. The proxy also plays an important role in the web services input/output format unification. The Biological Web service Proxy provides a common REST interface to access all the services and also unify the output of the services allowing

Robwork - Kinematic robotics framework

RobWork is a framework for simulation and control of robotics with emphasis on industrial robotics and their applications. Major goals of this framework: Provide a single framework for offline and online robot programming including modelling, simulation and (realtime)control of robotics Target audience: esearchers who needs a common framework for experimental robotics tudents who wants to experiment with concepts of robotics mplementers of robot applications Dependencies: This framework uses the


ESearch is a Yii Framework extension that provides an action and some default views for search and order by relevance in MySQL without FULLTEXT.

esearch - Elastic Search client for Clojure

Elastic Search client for Clojure

esearch - Replacement for emerge --search

Replacement for emerge --search

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