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A Maven plugin for Erlang/OTP applications. This project is a rewrite of maven-erlang, by Paul Guyot and Olivier Sambourg with improved support for compilation, testing and release packaging as well as EDoc reporting and test coverage.



Related Projects

Fluidwarns - Plugins for ejabberd that sends warnings message to users.

These plugins sends a periodic message to users that maintain a conversation with ejabberd.

intellij-erlang - Erlang support plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Erlang support plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Erlymate - Erlang TextMate Integration

Erlang server as TextMate plugin, native client (command line utility written in C) and a collection of TextMate commands, snippets and templates. What is this good for ?The Erlang server-as-textmate-plugin and native client will allow to write in Erlang additional TextMate functionality such as compiling Erlang source code, reloading, refactoring, integration with erlware, etc. Current Features:Ctrl-H: Documentation lookup (HTML popup) for function at current caret position (or main documentati

Cirno - Cirno is a Linux Cluster Monitoring System

Cirno is a Linux cluster monitoring system written in Erlang. It has a powerful and flexible plug-in architecture so that its functionality can be easily extended. Cirno uses Yaws as an embedded HTTP server and it provides a web-based front-end built on the Ext JS library. Cirno is my graduation project at university. It is a free software distributed under GNU General Public License Version 2. Comments and bug reports are very much appreciated.


An Erlang Plugin for Sublime Text 2, which enables code completion and allows you to run tests within the editor itself.

vimerl - A set of erlang plugins for VIM

A set of erlang plugins for VIM

Erlycomet - Erlang Comet Server Toolkit

ErlyComet allows to plug in Bayeux compliant Comet functionality in Erlang Web servers. ErlyComet ships with a sample server implementation for running the demos. Features:Web server support: MochiWeb HTTP toolkit Javascript libraries: dojo with jquery Comet plugin (from SVN) Transport types: long-polling callback-polling optional Bayeux features: JSON comment filtered format (to prevent Ajax Hijacking) Channel globbing Service channels Easy pluggable custom applications (decou


A set of erlang plugins for VIM

Rabbitmq-memcached - A memcached compatible interface for RabbitMQ

What is RabbitMQ-memcachedRabbitMQ is a complete and highly reliable enterprise messaging system based on the emerging AMQP standard. Even the AMQP standard is very powerful, it also means that we should introduce a new complicated protocol and a lot concepts, such as exchange, queue, vhost and binding etc. So, why not just reuse a simple and well known protocol, like memcache, get and put the message with any client language. The rabbitmq-memcached project is a memcached adapter for the RabbitM