docker-dev - experimentation with docker as a dev environment

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``` $ curl -O $ chmod +x ./docker-dev```Now that you have the `docker-dev` script, you can start it up``` $ ./docker-dev```Or you can set `HOME_REPO_URL` in your environment to make ./docker-dev easier to start``` $ export HOME_REPO_URL= $ ./docker-dev```Config-------`docker-dev` follows the [12 factorconfig]( rule by storing the configurationof your development environment external from `docker-dev`.Simply create a git repo that resembles your ideal home directory andpoint `docker-dev` at it. Bada-bing; bada-boom you have 12-factors!Projects---------`docker-dev` treats your codebases as a [BackingService]( in the 12 Factorparlance. The current working directory is mounted inside thecontainer at `/src` and you are free to alter that directory as yousee fit and those changes will persist the next time you fire up`docker-dev` in that directory.Keep in mind, you should treat the `docker-dev` container hastemporary and commit any changes you make to version control beforestopping the container. The `/src` volume ensures you won't lose yourchanges if the container stops but doesn't ensure that your changeswill exist if the Docker host dies (Backup!).If your `PWD` has a file called `.project_profile` this file will beexecute to configure your container for your porject when you start up `docker-dev`.



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