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Eraser is a secure data removal tool for Windows. It completely removes sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.



Related Projects

Wipe Free Space

Wipe Free Space securely erases the free space on file systems to prevent recovery of deleted sensitive data. Supports Ext2/3/4, NTFS, XFS, ReiserFSv3/4, FAT12/16/32, MinixFS1/2, JFS, HFS/HFS+, OCFS. See,

PDF Library - PDF manipulation in .NET

A library for PDF manipulation implementing Adobe PDF standard version 1.7. This library allows to read PDF files and apply changes to them, it is written in .NET 2.0 using Visual Studio 2005. Writing and Parsing PDF is supported.


It is a little and fast Windows program. It compares files and folders, even inside compressed archives. When done, you can send the duplicated ones to the recicle bin, another folder or erase them. Enjoy it.

Superpalitos - 'Palitos' paper and pencil game written in Java

The players erase sticks by turn until only remains one stick. The player who must erase the last stick lose the game.

Rkill - C# Region Killer.

That's right. Erase all those evil #region from your c# source tree in one heavenly swipe. Usage is: rkill "path to source" [-v]-v activates Verbose mode (default is quietish).

Migale Eraser

Migale eraser is a software permitting to erase safely any file or folder from your hard drive so that no recovery will be possible, even when using forensic tools.

Burning and Erasing CD/DVD/Blu-ray Media with WPF and IMAPI2

Burning and Erasing CD/DVD/Blu-ray Media with WPF and IMAPI2

Py-iolsucker - python's version of iol sucker

IntroductionThe idea of this is doing some sort of bot for IOL usage. Ideas so farRSS feed Erasing all news with one click Download all subjets' material at once. Add-yours :) Who can participateEveryone. This is just an excuse to learn python and do something useful.