Eraile - My AI for Google Ants

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My AI code (C#) for the Google Ants "competition".



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Ant-googlecode - Upload binaries to Google Code using Ant

This project currently provides a single Ant task which uploads files to a Google Code project's file space. The typical use case is release automation: The ant script can create release binaries and upload the results to Google Code all in one step. If you are a .net developer using Nant, check out Scott Alexander's port of this project: nant-googlecode

Google-ai-ants-wsf - A bot for the Google AI challenge spring 2011

This is a bot for the Google AI challenge spring 2011, by the team.

Appportal-project-runtime - Application Portal Project Runtime

Application Portal Project Runtime is set of opensource build tool and custom ant task. This application consist of JRE(Java Runtime Enviroment), Ant, NAnt, NUnit, Doxygen This project is sub project of AppPortal appportal Visit our main project

Gmapsrappa - Google Maps V3 Javascript Wrapper in Python

Simple python wrapper for Google maps V3 Javascript. Uses python introspection to make the wrapper trivially small and very simple to use. Used for part of my Google app engine ANT+ protocol application. Open to improvements.

Nant-googlecode - Custom Nant task to upload binaries to Google Code.

This project is a Nant port of Jonathan Fuerth's ant-googlecode project. The project currently provides a single Nant task which uploads a single file and summary to a Google Code project's file download section. The typical use case is release automation: The Nant script can create release binaries and upload the results to Google Code all in one step.

Fant - ant project with maven style

Code Status Why fAnt?Best practiceDefine your own project layout, for Java, we use the one suggested by Maven2 Examples: > ant layout # will create src/main/java, src/main/resources etc. directoriesEasy to useBuild systems are not easy, they're actually quite complicated, however it should be easy to use, easy to maintain. Ant is OK, but it doesn't have the convention, it doesn't support the sub modules, it doesn't have dependency management, but it's easy to use, with no major learning curve. M

Legstar - Mainframe Integration

LegStarLegStar is an open source mainframe integration solution. It provides Ant and Eclipse based design time tools as well as a java based runtime. Documentation and downloads are on the LegStar site. Source code is on Google code svn. Issue tracking is on Google code issues. Follow us LegStar Blog. Help support the project on Ohloh

Marcalog - MARC-based library catalog web application.

marcalog is a simple Google App Engine application that displays MARC library records in a browseable form. An instance of the catalog can be seen at IntallationRequirements: Apache Ant Apache Maven Google App Engine Java SDK Steps: Edit to set the path to the App Engine SDK. Run ant mvn-setup to register Maven dependencies. This step is only needed once. Run mvn install. Run ant dev-start if you want to start the development server. Run appcfg update ta

Pickforme - A collaborative restaurant location and ratings service

PickForMe integrates with Google maps to provide a repository for restaurant locations, ratings and other information. It grew out of a desire to have an application randomly suggest lunch possibilities.

Ant-intellij-tasks - Ant-based build system that leverages the IntelliJ IDEA project structure

Overviewant-intellij-tasks is a self-contained build system for IntelliJ IDEA projects based around Apache Ant. In essence, ant-intellij-tasks comprises three components: An Ant task library that can extract and resolve the IntelliJ IDEA project and module files (.ipr and .iml respectively), and provides a set of tasks and conditions around the project structure; A common build script which provides the four major build targets for modules: clean, build, test and package (see the quickstart guid