EverQuest(tm) Server Emulator

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EQEmu provides an alternative experience to the live EverQuest(tm) servers. It is currently in development and new features are brought to light every day.




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Related Projects

Cubbers-eqemu-utils - Cubber's custom tools for the EverQuest Emulator Server Project

Here you will find custom tools that I am developing for the EverQuest Emulator Server Project in my spare time. I have combined all of my EQEmu projects to this one repository for a convenient central location.

Customeqemu - PHP frontend for the EQEmu database

A PHP-based utility for EQEmulator server admins to maintain their server with a platform independent, easy to use front-end.

EQEmu Server Pack

EQEmu Server Pack provides all the files required to run an emulated EverQuest server.

Matrixeq - Eqemu DB Projects

Create DB for Chinese Eqemu

Eqemutool - Tools used to aid in the development of EQEmu and its content.

Tools used to aid in the development of EQEmu and its content.

Eqemu-maps - Map Repository for EQEmu

Temporary (or permanent) repository for EQEmulator maps.

Eqemumaps - EqEmulator's Server Maps

Eq Emulator Server Map Repository These are compatible and needed for any EqEmu server.

Nugblazers - Nug Blazers - Custom EQEmu Server

Fully custom, click-and-play, eqemu server. 100% custom NPCS/LOOTS/FACTION/ZONELINES/QUESTS/ITEMS/ETC!!

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