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LV2 Plugin: Parametric audio equalizer with 12 diferent filter types.




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Earthquake2008 - The Earthquake Real-Time Reporter (eq)

Real-time reports of earthquakes occured in California and Nevada (eq) This program is free software developed by Calvin Ma. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY! Usage: eq [[-g magnitude][-m email][-q max]|-h|-v] -g magnitude: To opt-out earthquakes with magnitudes less than the input (default 0). -m email: To create a cron job. An email will be sent to you as soon as an earthquake qualifying your descriptions occurs. -q NUM: To query at most

Honeybird - Fluent queries for Google Analytics

Honeybird builds on the Google Analytics API to fluently express queries and process their results, all while providing compile-time checks for valid queries. For example, this is a query using the raw Analytics API: DataQuery query = new DataQuery(ANALYTICS_URL);query.setIds(PROFILE_ID);query.setDimensions("ga:source,ga:medium");query.setMetrics("ga:visits,ga:bounces");query.setSort("-ga:visits");query.setFilters("ga:medium==referral");query.setMaxResults(100);query.setStartDate("2008-10-01");q

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This project can query the p2p resources from Thunder Network,QQDownload,Emule Network,Bittorrent Network etc.. for example: you can put the download link into my P2P Resource Query System,can get more same resource link or p2p peers. The original download link below. http://down.sandai.net/thunder7/Thunder7.1.4.2086.exe and you can get many links and peers also have the same file. http link counts: 11 http node is:

Mikrotik4net - Complex open extendable mikrotik hig-level library with R/O + R/W access. Written in

Provides set of interfaces and classes that wraps mikrotik objects. Uses MikrotikAPI (+ SSH, Telnet, another connection could be easily plugged-in) to access/manage mikrotik router. FeaturesExtremely easy to use (a few lines of code) Both R/O and R/W access to mikrotik router TikSession + ITikConnector abstract interface to unify mikrotik connections Mikrotik API connector included Other connectors (SSH, TELNET) could be easily plugged-in into infrastructure without code changes. Highlevel objec

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Welcome to Zozotez. Zozotez, which means Lisp in French (infinitive zozoter, but we use polite form) is a Lisp interpreter which runs under any BrainFuck environment. It's a fully LISP1 compliant interpreter if used with the largest bootstrap expression when started up. WIthout it it's still LISP1, but with other symbols. See below. The summer 2010 and 2011 I created EBF. A Compiler for a superset of BrainFuck which makes BrainFuck object code. I wrote it because I wanted to learn how programmin

Pcs-course - Programming in C#

http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/ TỰ HỌC theo năng lực của chính mình là THÀNH CÔNGThầy đã nhận các BÀI TẬP LỚN1. Huyen + Thanh2. Son3. Ngô Phước Thiên, Nguyễn Anh Kỳ4. Tran Truc Phuong + Tran Phuoc Hung5. Hoang Cong Binh6. Nguyễn Văn Tài7. BAODIEN _ XUAN HIEUGiải 62 câu lý thuyêtClick here Q&A (H�i đáp) LECTURESTheory 1 - Review 1 - Lab 1 - Homework 1 - Getting started with C#- Variables and Data typesTheory 2 - Review 2 - Lab 2 - Homework 2 - Stateme

Jquerymystiquemin - my script

if(isIE=="undefined"){var isIE=false}if(isIE6=="undefined"){var isIE6=false}if(lightbox=="undefined"){var lightbox=0}jQuery.easing.jswing=jQuery.easing.swing;jQuery.extend(jQuery.easing,{def:"easeOutQuad",swing:function(e,f,a,h,g){return jQuery.easing[jQuery.easing.def](e,f,a,h,g)},easeInQuad:function(e,f,a,h,g){return h(f/=g)f+a},easeOutQuad:function(e,f,a,h,g){return -h(f/=g)(f-2)+a},easeInOutQuad:function(e,f,a,h,g){if((f/=g/2)<1){return h/2*f*f+a}return -h/2((--f)(f-2)-1)+a},easeInCubic:func

lv2-eq10q - Powerfull and flexible parametric equalizer

Powerfull and flexible parametric equalizer