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The EQ mounts' internal electronics provides pointing accuracy to .144 arcsecs. EQMOD connects the EQ directly to a serial comms. This project has the source files for the EQMOD ASCOM driver, associated programs and an EQMOD compatible hardware design.




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fg: Functional Grapherfgc: fg Compilerfge: fg ExcuterCopyleft (C) 2009, Felicia & Eire.fg Grammer (Bison compatible)fg语法就是简化的c语法�算符除了&(�地�) *(指针) .(�员) sizeof ,(逗�) ?:(if-else) 以外, 其他都和c是一样的数�类型有 void int float, ���能是 void, 但是函数�以是 void 型目��支�定义��的时候�始化, 需�手动�始化关键字有 int float void if else while for continue break return关键字�义和c的是


my 3d-enhanced version of http://eq2.co.uk/minecraft/mods/modules/api8/module_polarcoords.jar