Python API documentation generation tool

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Epydoc is a tool for generating API documentation for Python modules, based on their docstrings. Epydoc supports two output formats (HTML and PDF), and four markup languages for docstrings (Epytext, Javadoc, ReStructuredText, and plaintext).



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Epydoc-chm - Creates HTMLHelp (CHM) project files (.hhp, .hhc, .hhk) from epydoc generated documenta

Creates HTMLHelp (CHM) project files (.hhp, .hhc, .hhk) from epydoc generated documentation RequirementsInterpreterPython 2.5 Librariesepydoc lxml InstallationPut anywhere you can run it. UsageCreate an empty directory Run This will generate a file named epydoc.ini. Open the file and complete the modules to be documented, the project name, and URL Run epydoc --config epydoc.ini Run Open output\\project.hhp and compile using HTMLHelp Workshop

Docstringwizard - A gedit plugin that inserts stubs of epydoc conform docstrings into python code

Epydoc Docstring Wizard Gedit PluginThe plugin uses regular expressions to find the method definitions, extract the variable names and detect if there already is a docstring. If there is none, it is generated from the variables and inserted into the text InstallationExtract files to directory ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins Run gedit In gedit main menu go to: Edit -> Preferences In Preferences dialog go to Plugins tab Find 'python docstring wizard' in plugin list and check it UsageOnce installed and act

Ml-archive - Online archive for mailing lists written in django

This project started as an online archive for the Honyaku mailing list, written in Python using the django framework. I hope it can develop to become a general-purpose archive. I have generated API documentation using epydoc.

Python-dbc - Design-By-Contract features for Python

SummaryThis project enables to use the basics of Design by Contract capabilities in Python, such as enforcing the contracts defined in the epydoc documentation. Even though it is somewhere experimental, it has been used in production for quite a time and seems stable enough. DownloadTo checkout the project repository (assuming that you have Mercurial client installed), use the following command: hg clone python-dbcRequirementsFor the most important functiona

Epydocgtk - É um gerador de documentação para módulos escritos em python. (It's a documentat

Gerador de documentação que utiliza epydoc para documentar códigos feitos em python. Vantagens: busca iterativas dentro de uma pasta por arquivos que fazem parte do projeto, geração automática da documentação de toda a árvore de módulos.

Pydoge - documentation generator

DescriptionDuring the implementation stage of a project, special documentation blocks can be used to store description of classes and methods along with information regarding their variables and parameters. Several markup languages exist such as epydoc, doxygen, javadoc, reStructuredText, etc. doge (documentation generator) allows you to parse the code structure of both undocumented and already documented source files, and generate special documentation blocks for these files, using the markup l

Hydropy - Python library for computational hydrology

HydroPy is a Python library for computational hydrology. It aims to become a full-featured computational hydrology while keeping the code as simple as possible in order to be comprehensible and easily extensible. HydroPy is written entirely in Python and require some external libraries. Work in progress! NewsFirst commit successful! DownloadsDocumentationDocumentación online generated by EpyDoc FeaturesRelated projectsMotivationUsageDevelopment

Leandoc - A small documentation generator

LeandocLeandoc is a small documentation generator. Unlike other generators like Doxygen or epydoc, it is designed with simplicity in mind. While the others generate dozens of files, a complex directory hierarchy and an untold number of support files, leandoc parses the files through the command line printing one single file to stdout. Features: easy to use extremely fast and small perfect for small projects generates valid XHTML 1.1 code Easy to useTo generate the documentation for leandoc, I us

Python-graph - A library for working with graphs in Python

python-graph is a library for working with graphs in Python. This software provides a suitable data structure for representing graphs and a whole set of important algorithms. The code is appropriately documented and API reference is generated automatically by epydoc. Comments, bug reports and suggestions are welcome. Current release: 1.8.1 - Jan 08, 2012 This release introduces the Pagerank algorithm and Gomory-Hu cut-tree algorithm. Please check our Changelog for detailed information. Instal

Epydoc-el - epydec.el is supporting to write epydoc documentation comment

epydoc.el emacs lisp program supports to write your epydoc documentation comments. now we support forrow functions epydoc-insert-file-comment insert file comments and @file,@author,@copyright automatically epydoc-insert-function-comment insert function comments and @param, @return automatically epydoc.el is based on Tom Emerson's doxygen.el Thanks Tom.