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This is a Problem Tracking/Ticketing system written in PHP with a mysql backend.




Related Projects


ept-get is an apt-get like intallation tool for gentoo linux

Project Site Workflow For Project Server

This workflow creates the project site for Basic project plan EPT when workflow task is approved.

Emacs Package Tool

EPT (Emacs Package Tool) is full userspace package managing tool for GNU/Emacs.

Airport-chine-ept4 - Airport subject

Study case for software engineering.

Siga-academico - Academico

Projeto SIGA-EPT

Youyoubroxy - Epitech Rush : broxy

I – Détails Administratifs Nom : Broxy Responsable : Pyro Forum : B4 - C - Prog Elem / Rushs\\RUSH-BROXY Date : 25-27 juin Groupe : 4 personnes Répertoire : ~/rendu/rush/broxy II – Consignes à respecter obligatoirement – Le projet est à réaliser par groupe de 4 personnes. Les 4 personnes doivent être là tout le week-end et doivent TOUTES travailler. Vous serez TOUS interrogés à la soutenance. Des points seront enlevés si un/des membres n’a/ont pas travaillé voir entrainer un -

Siep - Gestão de Projetos Acessíveis

Este projeto pertence ao Módulo de Acessibilidade (http://bento.ifrs.edu.br/ept/) do Sistema de Informações da Educação Profissional e Tecnológica(SIEP). Tem como objetivo pesquisar e implementar os padrões de acessibilidade em projetos de software utilizados pela Governo Federal.

Kemufuzzer - KEmuFuzzer is protocol-specific fuzzer for system virtual machines.

KEmuFuzzer is protocol-specific fuzzer for system virtual machines. KEmuFuzzer generates floppy images to boot a virtual machine and to execute a specific test-case. The same test-case is executed also in an oracle, based on hardware-assisted virtualization. The states obtained are compared to detect defects in the virtual machine. Test-cases are generated using a special compiler that applies certain mutations before compiling. KEmuFuzzer currently supports: BOCHS QEMU VMware VirtualBox The rel