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Epto is a small library and framework for industrial strength shell script programming with sh. It features convenient error handling, tracing, logging, option handling, documentation template, process level transaction safety (sort of), and more.




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/ Skype2IRC Readme - Alessandro Luongo aka LordScinawa - About Skype2IRC It's my first real project. I start code this after chatting for a few months in a skype's MEGAchat (as we call it) of about 1 hundred people, a lot of them complained of the good-ol-times with IRC protocol. With this software you will be able to send all your skype messages throug a bridge, in IRC and vice versa. All you need to set up is this software, connected to a running session of skype in your server, and a irc chan

epto.bash - Industrial Strength Bash Scripting

Industrial Strength Bash Scripting