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Epsilon is a provably secure programming language based on the syntax of Erlang




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Related Projects

Slack-e17 - Port of Enlightenment DR17 for slackware

This is Slackware build of a cvs snapshot taken on 31.10. Enlightenment release is 16.999.35. Packages include Enlightenment foundation libraries: eet, edb, evas, ecore, embryo, imlib2, imlib2_loaders, edje, epeg, epsilon, esmart, emotion, engrave, ewl, exml (built in that order), e17 itself and e_utils. most of other stuf I've compiled are somewhat untable, so I haven't include it here.

Koog Epsilon

Koog Epsilon is dedicated toward providing a very friendly napster experience on KDE. This project is aimed more towards the casual linux user rather than a developer, and is designed with that in mind. This project will not try to provide a large amount

Epsilontools - Supporting the Epsilon modeling language with visual design tools

This project is experimental, for the purpose of learning about Epsilon and related technologies. EpsilonTools defines a set of plugins for Eclipse, for use in the design and documentation of software development tools based on the Epsilon modeling language.

Epsilon-framework - Collection of cross-platform components used to build interactive games

This is a personal project I have been working on for the past 6 years. It is in response to a commercial 3D engine I worked on for many years, and attempts to explore new approaches to design and technologies, without the burden of actually supporting an end-user... The intention is not to deliver a working product per-se, but to establish framework design practices that work well.

Cmulfe - cmu lfe website

Lambda Phi Epsilon - Alpha Mu Chapter


OpenSVM is an open source Support Vector Machine (SVM) implementation which based on libsvm2.84. It supports C-SVC, nu-SVC, epsilon-SVR and nu-SVR and has a graphic interface which is based on MFC(Win32 Platfroms).


PiSvM is a parallel Support Vector Machine (SVM) implementation. It supports C-SVC, nu-SVC, epsilon-SVR and nu-SVR and has a command-line interface similar to the popular LibSVM package.