EPL - Emacs Perl

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Write (X)Emacs extensions in Perl. Invoke Perl from Elisp and Elisp from Perl. Command the powerful Emacs scripting API using your choice of language.




Related Projects


PyEPL (Python Experiment-Programming Library) is a library for coding psychology experiments in Python. It supports presentation of both visual and auditory stimuli, and supports both manual (keyboard/joystick) and sound (microphone) input as responses.

Epson EPL-5x00L/EPL-6x00L Printer Driver

Support for the Epson EPL-5x00L/6x00L printer family under linux and other unix-like systems. This effort is not endorsed by nor affiliated with Epson. Currently 5700L/5800L/5900L, 6100L/6200L. Optionally use libusb and libieee1284 for wider portability

Gamebler - Gamebler, A Framework for making Games.

Gamebler is a framework designed for game making. Using EPL a program language made after the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)-method.


This project contains a full dump of all the public source code from the Symbian project under the original EPL license, as of 07/12/2010. Created by Carlo Daffara; for legal information and requests: http://carlodaffara.conecta.it


A C# library that simplifies the process of printing to Zebra printers. We hope that this library abstracts enough of the EPL2 language needed to communicate with the Zebra branded printers. It's a simple library and a small set of APIs that should be easy enough to extend an...

Leeloo - Plug-ins to enhance the Eclipse debugging experience.

The project's goal is to provide libraries for debugging JFace Data Binding and SWT in the Eclipse debugger. The first piece of functionality are breakpoint templates. See the wiki for details.License:Released under the Apache License 2.0 as Google Code doesn't offer EPL.

Epl-predict - A game based on prediction of who wins the games each weekend of the English Premier L

User join and select 10 games a decide which teams will win, lose or tie. The games will be weighted based on bookmakers odds.

Xmind3 - Brainstorming and Mind Mapping

XMind is an open source project that contributes to building a cutting-edge brainstorming/mind-mapping facility, focused on both usability and extendability. It helps people in capturing ideas into visually self-organized charts and sharing them for collaboration and communication. Currently supporting mind maps, fishbone diagrams, tree diagrams, org-charts, logic charts, and even spreadsheets. Often used for knowledge management, meeting minutes, task management, and GTD. XMind is dual licensed

Hangar19 - Bringing Jinterface to Java 1.5

This project builds on Jinterface, a Java communication tool found in the Erlang distribution package. The current scope of JErlang is to bring the JInterface code base up to date with everything that has become available in Java since JInterface was first written. For example, System.out.println() has been replaced by JDK 1.4 logging. Custom list and queue implementations will be replaced with java.util.List and java.util.Queue . Ant will replace Make, and the code base will be tested. Generics

Gwt-tooling - Google Webtoolkit (GWT) Tooling for Eclipse

GWT ToolingA set of Eclipse plug-ins to ease the development of Google Webtoolkit (GWT) applications with Eclipse. Released under the EPL. GWT Tooling supports Eclipse Dynamic Web projects for traditional JavaEE development as well as Java and Plug-in projects for Server-Side Eclipse development. InstallYou can install it from the update site at http://eclipseguru.org/. ContributePlease report issues and feature wishes here. Patches are welcome! You can get the source code from our Subversion re