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Programming languages, software tools, and datasets for working with digital representations of diagrams in Ancient Science and Mathematics. Areas of focus for the project include navigation, production, assertion and querying of diagrammatic content.




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Mas-rug-2011-amir-ron - Multi Agent Systems course - University of Groningen - year 2011

Implementation of the Pandora's Box game: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/93222/pandoras-box The game and its AI players uses epistemic knowledge.

Febor - A model checker for perFEct and BOunder Recall semantics

A simple library to model check temporal+epistemic properties using bounded and perfect recall

Molic-designer - MoLIC Designer is an IDE for the MoLIC language

This is MoLIC Designer project for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Linux. MoLIC is a language to model the interaction between users and softwares as a conversation between the software's designer and the users. The language is an epistemic tool created by Semiotic Engineering Research Group. The MoLIC Designer is a tool made to support the construction of MoLIC diagrams by Interaction Design experts or students. As MoLIC helps you to think of interaction, the Designer will help you to better structure a

epistemic-landscapes - Simulating the exploration of Epistemic Landscapes

Simulating the exploration of Epistemic Landscapes

Episteme-Composer - Interfaz para el proyecto Episteme

Interfaz para el proyecto Episteme


Server of Episteme´s service that provide a semantic algorithm. Developed to Ines´ enterprises

episteme-knockout - Episteme web developed using knockout.js and jquery

Episteme web developed using knockout.js and jquery

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