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Episode is a quasi-acronym for Extended Packaging and Install SOftware DEpot. A replacement for rpm/apt/yum for enterprises, that allows system operators to create, install, and update, on either a system or user account.




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Torrent Episode Downloader

Meet ted! Your new way of downloading tv shows from the web. Add your favourite tv shows to ted and ted will automatically download torrents of new episodes! Ted checks feeds from the major torrent sites for new episodes of tv shows.

Media Companion

Media Companion allows users to catalogue their Movie and TV show collections with a fine degree of control, including posters, fanart and episode screenshots.


ShowDown is a simple yet powerful tool for automating the process of finding and downloading new episodes of your favorite shows as they air. Simply choose your shows from the ever growing list of supported shows, then let ShowDown do the rest.

Tvnzb - Automatically search and grab NZBs for new tv episodes

Libraries and interface to search NZB providers for TV episodes, and add them to NZB downloaders automagically.

Rss-torrent-finder - Torrent Episodes finder via RSS feeds

a small java swing application used to display your profile from myepisodes.com and enable the user to search and download torrents of the available episodes. this application first display's your "Episode List" in myepisodes.com to show you all the episodes that you didn't yet accquire. In addition it displays the relevent results from searching torrentz.eu for the available episodes. Allowing you to simply double click on the episode to download its torrent.

Android-episodic - Can't remember what episode you were watching? Episodic allows you to store y

OverviewEpisodic is a simple Android app that allow you to store a list of Series/Anime that you are currently watching. It will allow you to store what season and episode you were last watching so that you can't forget! Screenshots

Myseriesproject - MySeries is a program written in java for managing tv series

A screenshot of MySerieS v1.5 using the EaSynth Look and Feel MySeries helps you keep tracking of your favorite tv series Catalog your series/episodes Mark those you own or not , have subtitles or not, have watched or not Filter series episodes' with the above filters Notified of the episodes aired in the next days Update episodes list via Internet. Provide the directory where the each series episode are saved and the application checks for downloaded episodes, subtitles and lets you watch the v

Ruby-tvrenamer - A ruby script that renames and organizes TV episodes from TheTVDB

This script renames TV episode files according to the information found on TheTVDB. Features: Show caching Episode caching Rename caching Custom naming format Upcoming features: Interactive renaming Aliasing of shows automatically Moving of files into a folder hierarchy

Tvshows - TV Shows management application.

TV Shows management application. Keeps track of every show you have, and what episodes you have seen (or not) and also if you have subtitles for the episode (or not). It also imports the show's cast and plot and all episodes (with summary) from epguides.com and tv.com