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Epiphany is a multi-platform clone of Boulderdash (a.k.a Emerald Mine on the Amiga) made with SDL library.




Related Projects


A micro PHP framework that's fast, easy, clean and RESTful. The framework does not do a lot of magic under the hood. It is, by design, very simple and very powerful.

epiphany-tab-restore is a extension for the Epiphany browser.

This (very) small extension allows the user to restore accidentally closed tabs in the Epiphany browser.

Epiphany-gmail-notifier - A small extension for epiphany, which checks your gmail-account(s)

This extension, written in C, checks your gmail-accounts for new incomming messages. It does pretty the same as the Gmail-Manager extension for Firefox. At the moment epiphany-gmail-manager includes the following features: Manage multiple gmail accounts Display a preview-message if you hover the status icon: Shows a libnotify message when a new mail is received

Epiphany-diy - Xmega based Robotics Platform

Open source hardware and software design in the likeness of Arduino.

Gnome-cc-integration - Gnome-Creative Commons integration

This project tries to integrate the Creative Commons licenses into the Gnome Desktop.Integration with Epiphany (Gnome's web browser) has already been achieved by the CC license viewer extension, which has been included in Gnome 2.17 .

The ClanFX Javascript Game Engine

clanfx is a 2D, tile-based Javascript game engine developed using Javascript and CSS. It currently works in Firefox, Epiphany and Opera browsers. Features include many animated sprites, spell effects, buildings, tiles/textures and basic game AI.

Mashup-kurtabeard-delayedepiphany - Delayed Epiphany

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Jquery-transliteration-plugin - jQuery plugin for transliteration of the DOM tree

Jquery transliteration pluginJquery transliterate plugin is a small fast solution for on-the-fly transliteration on the client side. It was originally designed to be used with Serbian language, but through its options, it can be widely used for any type of transliteration, even for low-security encryption. DetailsThe plugin was tested with jQuery 1.3.2+ in following browsers: Windows Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ Internet explorer 7 + Google Chrome 4 + Opera 10+ Safari 4 Linux Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ Google

Jebgl - Java emulated WebGL canvas

AboutJebGL is a piece of Javascript which lets you run your WebGL apps in browsers lacking WebGL support without having to modify your existing code! Behind the scenes JebGL uses a fallback Java applet to emulate the WebGL canvas if needed, and the Java applet runs hardware accelerated on all platforms using JOGL. Video of IE6 running WebGL content. UsageSee Usage. Essentially, all you need to do is include the jebgl.js, and change the function that runs after the page has loaded. E.g. if you ca

Epiphany-duplicate-tab-extension - An Epiphany extension to duplicate a tab

Duplicate Tab - An Epiphany ExtensionCreate a new tab with the url and history of the current one. This extension was created in an effort to alleviate the burden of foresight required to identify when you want to follow a link in a new tab as opposed to the current tab. If it happens that you want to retain your tab state, but continue browsing, just duplicate the tab! InstallationDownload the extension zip file from the downloads section (or from below), and extract the contents into ~/.gnome2