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Epidermis theme manager is an open source GTK application for managing, automatically downloading and installing themes of various types, in order to transform the look of your Ubuntu desktop.




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Drashokhosamani - research on skin management

Basically the human skin is made up of three main functional layers of our entire body in these one of the layer is most important to the enhance and protect our body is called the Epidermis and this is made up of five layers and its function is prevent the skin tissue from cracking and letting bacteria in which would cause infection. There are several layers of keratinized cells packed tightly together. And the barrier zone controlling transmission of water through the skin and the final stage

Tentatant - håret skall svalla från skalliga mäns huvuden

Making hair is a beautiful thingHair is an outgrowth of protein, found only on mammals. It projects from the epidermis, though it grows from hair follicles deep in the dermis. Although many other organisms, especially insects, show filamentous outgrowths, these are not considered "hair". So-called "hairs" (trichomes) are also found on plants. The projections on arthropods, such as insects and spiders are actually insect bristles, composed of a polysaccharide called chitin. The hair of non-human