Epic Explorer

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A open platform for the design space exploration of a paramerized architecture based on a EPIC/VLIW core. It includes area, power and performance estimators and the implementation of several exploration algorithms presented in literature.




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Tyrelion - 2D roleplaying game

Tales of TyrelionA 2D roleplaying game in a selfmade fantasy world."Baldur's Gate" meets "Heroes of Might and Magic" in Tyrelion. General information: Explore the fascinating world of Tyrelion (see http://www.tyrelion.de for details) Meet interesting characters Fight evil monsters Technical Information: Based on Slick2D Framework Built in Java Main Menu: Map of Tyrelion: If you like to participate in building an new epic fantasy world go to http://tyrelion.de/weltenschmiede/ and http://tyrelion.

Starflighttlc - Starflight - The Lost Colony

6/11 - Release 1.00: https://sites.google.com/site/starflighttlc/downloads12/09 - Beta #4 11/09 - Beta #3 10/09 - Beta #2 Starflight - The Lost Colony is an epic science-fiction adventure game that spans the galaxy, giving the player free-roaming gameplay in and around star systems with unique planetary systems filled with planets and asteroids that can be landed on and explored in real time. Starflight - The Lost Colony is a 2D free-roaming game that attempts to cater to the cerebral gamer with

Mclient-mume - A mud client designed for Multi Users in Middle Earth

mClient is a new, single-solution mud client that merges the previously separate client and mapper together in order to create a powerful, easy to use, and highly modern mud client. mClient is written in the Qt4 framework and was inspired by the mud client powwow and mappers MMapper2 and Pandora. FeaturesHighly modular plugin-based design Portable to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X Actions, aliases, and scripting (Javascript) Built-in mapper based upon MMapper WebKit-based display (requires >=Qt 4.

Godsenvydemo - The GAME, an up and coming FPS/RPG

The GAME is an interactive entertainment experience (aka video game) that hopes to both break down genre's and increase the range of choices usually present in a video game, which normally boils down to: kill or be killed. We hope to support a wide range of play styles, allowing the player to choose who they want to be and how they want to play. You can choose from a variety of combat abilities (guns, swords, magic, whatever), or completely ignore combat for more non-violent gameplay (dance, exp

Lambdarogue - Lambdarogue is roguelike RPG

DescriptionLambdarogue is a roguelike RPG. The most recent version is 1.6.2 (to install, simply download and extract the archive for 1.6.1, then download the 1.6.2 patch archive and extract the subfolder matching your OS to the LambdaRogue folder). If one had to categorize Lambdarogue to be either a "hack"-game or a "band"-game judging by dungeon generation, it would clearly fall into the "band"-category: Like in Angband and other "bands", standard dungeon levels are randomly generated every tim

Draco01 - A video game about space ships in a futuristic universe

This is an independently developed project where the player controls a space ship and travels through sectors in a star system. The player is gradually introduced to factions which have their own interests to pursue. The first encountered faction is the mercenaries and pirates. These guys are directly in conflict with the united earth alliance, space marines, and merchant vessels. As the main character in this epic showdown, you can choose to side with either faction. As time goes on, new factio

epics-project-explorer - A recomendation engine for Purdue's EPICS teams.

A recomendation engine for Purdue's EPICS teams.