Erlang Plus Interface

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EPI is a utility library for C++ to comunicate with erlang nodes and processes.



Related Projects

EpiDoc: Epigraphic Documents in TEI XML

The EpiDoc Collaborative is developing specifications and tools for standards-based, digital publication and interchange of scholarly and educational editions of documentary and literary texts like inscriptions and papyri.

Epy - Turn your Python code into JavaScript!

About EpyEpy was created to make client-end web scripting possible with Python. Epy's goal is to create the most accurate representation of your Python code in Javascript, however Epy does not claim to compile ALL Python code into Javascript (some features, such as object destructors, will likely not be possible). Some advantages to using Epy instead of writing your own Javascript might include: Familiar reusable Pythonic design Easy class construction Easy iterables (including custom iterables)


proyecto de Desarrollo de software que implementa el sistema de Biblioteca del Centro de Documentacion de la EPIS CEDIS


epi-ACE is a tool for examining the hierarchical data structure of small epidemiological data sets. It provides facilities to scale attributes, import data and draw 3D lattices. Its mathematical foundations are in Formal Concept Analysis.

Netepi - NetEpi: free, open source, network-enabled tools for epidemiology and public health practic

NetEpi, which is short for Inter Net -enabled Epi demiology, is a suite of free, open source software tools for epidemiology and public health practice which make full use of the Internet. Public health is an area of endeavour concerned with protecting and improving the health of sub-groups in the population (or the entire population), rather than with the care of individual patients. Epidemiology is the study of factors affecting the health and illness of populations, and serves as the foundati

Epi Info™ - Community Edition

Form and database construction, data entry, data analyses, and data visualization tools for public health.


jEpi is an information system for latin ad greek epigraphy.

Relais-amergin - Resources developed in the course of the ReLaIS-Amergin epi-informatics project.

The ReLaIS (Reference Laboratory Information Systems) project centers around building a constellation of infomration systems for the analysis, communication and visualisation of epidemiological systems. These are some modules and code developed in the course of the project.