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Joomla module for Ephemerids




Related Projects

Distro Astro - Linux Distribution for Astronomers

Distro Astro has features for almost all astronomy use—from observatories, planetariums, and professional researchers, to astrophotographers and amateur enthusiasts. The INDI Library built into Distro Astro provides telescope control for the most common telescopes from Meade, Celestron, Orion, and other major telescope brands. Nightshade is an advanced planetarium software for fish-eye dome projections developed by planetarium provider Digitalis Education.

Pysatel - A Python framework for automated processing of space satellite scientific data

The PySatel (Python-Satellite) project is devoted to building a convenient framework for easy management of constellations of multiple scientific satellites, each carrying multiple different instruments. RequirementsPython modules ephem by pyephem project, igrf and cxform by python-magnetosphere project, and scipy by scipy project.

Niek-ephem - C++ Interface to JPL's DE405 Ephemeris

The "niek-ephem" tool is a C++ front end to JPL's DE405 ephemeris. It includes: (1) A conversion utility to change JPL's ASCII interpolation coefficient files to a single binary file. (2) An interactive text-based interface to the ephemeris information. (3) A library interface to the ephemeris information. (4) A unit testing framework. The correctness of the implementation has been verified using the JPL Horizons web-based ephemeris system.

Flipit - Unix support for the X10 Firecracker (the CM17A)

Flipit is a simple command line program that supports the X10 Firecracker (model CM17A) on a Unix machine. It is known to work on Linux and OpenBSD (and so will assuredly work on NetBSD and FreeBSD as well). I consider portability important, so reports of successes and failures on other operating systems is appreciated. Flipit DocumentationYou can read the HTML version of the man page at http://www.rfc20.org/flipit.html. What is the Firecracker?The Firecracker/CM17a is a tiny device that plugs i

astro - Experiments in astronomical calculations with PyEphem

Experiments in astronomical calculations with PyEphem

Ombri - Calculate visibility of astronomical bodies using GDAL/PyEphem and GeoTIFF

Calculate visibility of astronomical bodies using GDAL/PyEphem and GeoTIFF


Using pyephem, espeak and cron, talking-ephem warn you when the sun, the moon or the planets are rising or setting, just in case...


A QGIS plugin that determines the ambient light for a point layer based on PyEphem

ephem - Online ephemeris

Online ephemeris


several scripts which can be used to track the current position of the ISS, more or less a sandbox to experiment with PyEphem

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