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ePalm aims to be a general-purpose library for allowing the SmallEiffel eiffel compiler to generate m68k-compatible code, and a series of classes which wrap the palm API such that an Eiffel developer can write a PalmOS application entirely in Eiffel.




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Gviswriter - PHP class to generate gvis.js code for PHP generated Google Visualization

gvisWriter.php is a PHP 5 class library that generates gvis.js Javascript code. You can use this class to generate Google Visualization "charts" using PHP. It curently uses the Google Code Project gvis.js wrapper instead of generating native Google Visualization Javascript. This is intended to make it easy for PHP program to generate Google Visualization charts easily and place one or more on a HTML page. You can contact the author at eric at ericfpalmer.com or epalmer at richmond.edu Let me kno