Eos, Dawn of Light: A Space Opera

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A space adventure game with elements of arcade and strategy. Can you command your fleet against your greatest enemy?




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Khore - A web RPG game, as a plugin for eoCMS

Khore is a text and image based online RPG, utilizing PHP and whatever database the admin of the eoCMS distribution is currently using. Goals include custom spells, items, quests, villages, and housing.

Eoemu - A C# Eudemons Emulation project

Eo EmuEO Emu is a emulator for the game Eudemons online. We are coding this in C# and it is meant to be used once complete to help extend the abilities of Eudemons online private servers. A C# Project like this allows for many things such as: PvP Servers Less issues sounding hard coded server side settings Easier to understand Semtex Allows the client to be bent to create new additions Allows private servers to use the current client with a bit of editing Many more things! this project page is m

My-arduino-projects - Projects based on arduino and processing IDE

Projects based on arduino and processing IDE On the downloads page, you'll find files for my arduino projects: 1 - Arduino controlling a fan with a Nunchuk, a DS touch screen, and a temperature sensor. 2 - Arduino controlling a RFID reader that plays a melody if a card is validated and finally activates a relay. 3 - Wii Motion Plus and Nunchuck sending data to an Arduino and a labview Vi's. 4 - My first time-lapse with arduino for my canon EOS 450D 5 - An arduino simon game 6 - Home automation w

Eoservbr - EOServBR

Endless Online Server Emulator BR / EOServBR is an EOServ custom source, with custom commands and best playing, you will get better with this server! / :: ~ EOSERV.NET DEVELOPMENT TEAM LICENSE / EOSERV APP LICENSE ~ :: Copyright 2008-2011 the EOSERV development team (http://eoserv.net/devs) This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. Permission is granted to anyone t


Game engine, and the EoA game

EoTSAlpha - An RPG-based 2D game that's currently in Alpha!

An RPG-based 2D game that's currently in Alpha!

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