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eOffice is an open source access control and attendance management system developed by e-bird Innovation (www.ebirdinfo.com).Its flexible design allows to add support to any RF card and finger print based access control systems




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Opencronos - Open Attendance System

Open-Cronos provides time and attendance software solution that help organizations gain better control over its employees. Open-Cronos provides biometric devices connectivity.

Class-attendance-tracking - Class Attendance Tracking Database System

this was the final year project that we have done in SQU (Sultan Qaboos University) it is Class Attendance Tracking Database System that uses Fingerprints for biometric identification i have written a Jave program as a fingerprint terminal emulator we also build a web interface for attendance managment by istructor using PHP/codeigniter/MySQL we have uploaded all work done including reports and presentation i thought that it might be useful for someone the project was done by - Al Muatasim Al Ba

Time-attendance - free time attendance and access control system API

This project/API will give you some ideas about how to start with your own applications/software regarding access control,time attendance,payroll and HR etc. The main purpose for this project is giving those system/software integrators who are interested in ACTAtek Terminal a set of API, with examples included, to ease the development process. Features - Simple SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) based API supports the majority of commonly used languages (C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, etc.) - Simp

Timetrex - TimeTrex Payroll and Time Management

TimeTrex is a complete Web-based payroll and time management suite that offers employee scheduling, attendance (time clock), job costing, invoicing/accounts receivable, and payroll in a tightly integrated package. With the ability to interface with hardware such as iButtons, barcode readers, and cell phones, employees are able to efficiently track their time at the office or on the road. It can automatically calculate complex over time and premium time business policies, and is immediately able

Vm-process-monitor - Monitor and control process inside Xen virtual machine

We create this project to setup serveral process monitor tools which is used in Xen domain 0 to monitor process information and activities inside Xen virtual machine. This project includes three sub-project now. Project Introductionxen-psJust like ps command inside unix system. A ps command used in Xen Dom0 to show the process information of DomU. This command lists all processes running inside Xen Guest OS. Will support all options of ps command. xen-lsofJust like lsof command inside unix syste