Everything Over Freenet

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The goal of the Everything Over Freenet project is to make all interesting internet protocols work over Freenet. Anonymous and decentralized mail, news, chat, and lots of other things will soon be yours.




Related Projects

Perl-filter-eof - Perl Module - Run a callback after a file has been compiled

This module utilises Perl's source filters to provide you with a mechanism to run some code after a file using your module has been processed. This is especially useful for post-compiletime cleanups. As an example: package MyPackage; use warnings; use strict; use Filter::EOF; sub import { my ($class, @args) = @_; my $caller = scalar caller; # set the COMPILE_TIME package var to a false value # when the file was compiled Filter::EOF->on_eof_call(sub { no strict 'refs'; ${ $caller . '::COMPILE_TIM

Identicator - A program for viewing from, and posting notices to http://identi.ca

This program logs into http://identi.ca by providing the authentication data. If the login was a success, the user will be able to see his messages and also will be able to post new messages. Synopsis:~$ identi.cator alanhaggai topsecret Logging in as alanhaggai... Fetching alanhaggai's identi.ca entries... alanhaggai: Making it's way to CPAN. ... ... ( After entering the message, terminate it with EOF. In GNU / Linux and other Unix-like operating systems, it is Ctrl + D. In Windows, EOF is Ctrl

Sbf-brainfuck - All the brainfuck you'll ever need.

sbf aims to be the comprehensive implementation of the brainfuck language. Since brainfuck is relatively easy to implement as an interpreter, compiler, or whatever you like, there are many simple (and often obfuscated) implementations laying around the internet. These code-golf-ready implementations often leave much to be desired when working with brainfuck. They vary wildly in terms of how certain features, such as EOF behavior, work, and the programs that come with them often rely on (or are t

Freetar - The Freetar Hero & Freetar Editor Project

Freetar is a Free open-source game based on the gameplay set forth in the hit Playstation 2 game 'Guitar Hero'. It supports a large variety of gamepad configurations (as well as the Guitar Hero controller with a Playstation -> USB adapter). The Freetar Editor is a closely related project that allows users to create songs for Freetar from songs on their computers - allowing a near unlimited number of songs. Note from Administrator: This project is pretty much dead at this point. I am unable to up


StegSecret is a java-based multiplatform steganalysis tool. This tool allows the detection of hidden information by using the most known steganographic methods. It detects EOF, LSB, DCTs and other techniques. (steganography - stegoanalysis) [Web Page]

Templights - Lightweight PHP templating

Templights is template system that uses PHP as template language and has a powerful multiple inheritance support. Small memory footprint and efficient implementation results in very good performance of template system. SyntaxTemplates consists of blocks which can be nested or extended. Blocks are defined by open tag {% and closed by close tag %}. After open tag name of block must be defined. Block name must be uppercase alphanumeric word. Content of block is defined inside curly braces. Example:

Editor-on-fire - A song editor for Frets On Fire

EOF is a song editor for Frets On Fire, Phase Shift and Rock Band. The aim of EOF is to provide a simple process with which to create songs. Just provide an OGG file and spend a little time designing note charts and EOF will save files in the appropriate format for immediate use with Frets on Fire and Phase Shift, no additional steps or conversions necessary! Or, with some more work, it will be usable in Rock Band.

Jseries - JSeries Framework: Java Applications for System i

JSeries Framework: Java Applications for System iEasy-to-create programsFor the Basics, and to start using JSeries in general, see the tutorials on our main site at the following location: - jseries.org - System i tutorials IDE independent- IBM Rational (WDSc)- Eclipse- Netbeans- ect... Files, Data Queues, Commands, RPG callsAS400 sys;//DATARPGKeyedFile file = new RPGKeyedFile(sys, fileName);RPGDataQueue dataQ = new RPGDataQueue(sys,dataQName,format);RPGSequentialFile sfile = new RPGSequentialFi

Modlogslow - Apache module for logging of slow requests handling

Apache Module mod_log_slow Overviewmod_log_slow is Apache module to provide measures of the time period used for handling each request by the current process. Logging is done after processing a request if the request takes more than certain period of time that you specifiy. The idea of mod_log_slow comes from MySQL's slow-query-log, and its logging logic is partially based on mod_log_forensic and mod_log_config News2009/6/27: version 1.0.6 released modified slow_log format add LogSlowTimeFormat

Mbasic99 - A compiler for TI BASIC

This project aims to create a complete compiler for the TI BASIC programming language. TI BASIC was the dialect of BASIC created for the TI-99/4A. Current StatusThe project is currently in pre-alpha. (Updated 1/20/2007) Simple programs that do not use any of the graphic or sound subroutines can be parsed and compiled. CompletedLET (assignment) statements REM comments END/STOP GOTO and ON-GOTO GOSUB/RETURN IF-THEN-ELSE FOR-TO (STEP is not implemented. Counting is by 1) NEXT INPUT (from Console) R