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Project has not been started yet. Just absorbing attentions.




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Isits - Model integration via common Meta-level-2 Elements

This project presents a framework for the integration of information systems by providing a structurally abstracted and unified communication. This communication is also combined with similarity-comparison methods known as Alignment from Semantic Web Technology. Using implementations of abstract Adapters for each IT-platform and conceptual model, this framework is amongst other features a hub and spoke integration system, which transmits five defined Elements of Communication, propagates changes

Cftunity - folding@home V7 Client monitor and more!

3/16/2012New site at fahwatch7.net 2/6/2012No pictures, but a new download ( zipped and installer available ). Pictures will come again in the next update, as it will include some things which will hopefully be worth showing. 2/2/2012Build will be up in a min, there are some issues though. Scaling is better then it was but I need to improve the range handeling so minor tics don't appear as a blob instead of just uhm 'tics' I guess ;) I've added hw averages to the project statistics making it eas

EmmaClient - Liveresults for Orienteering

EmmaClient is a client-server system for publishing liveresults from Orienteering events. It have been used on many major events such as JWOC, WOC, EOC,..

Eoc21gwtprostatecancer - GWT application for prostate cancer diagnosis

This is a novel project to design a semantic web service to diagnose prostate cancer.

Hfm-net - HFM.NET - Client Monitoring Application for the Folding@Home Distributed Computing Project

HFM.NET Folding@Home Client Monitoring Application written for the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Platform. Project Info File Download: http://hfm-net.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/doc/ProjectInfo/ProjectInfo.tab Donate to the HFM.NET Project with PayPal. Current Version: 0.9.0 - Revision 548 - md5 (msi): eb81f52c15d4c62f07b09b79c4130be5 - sha1 (msi): d89423ceb9c7346b66e8620b3f0e458431fee8f2 - md5 (zip): dcc62a16a18a96004931ab762cc49538 - sha1 (zip): 2f2bb65b2a83482509d7092662db05e9d9f8e4d3 Release Date: March 2

Collabbit - Collabbit (Replaces VirtualEOC) is a virtual dashboard for event or response coordinatio

Collabbit has migrated to GitHub for source control and issue tracking. The current releases and issues can be found there.As a communication tool, Collabbit aims to facilitate inter- and intracommittee communication in case of a disaster or other event that requires coordination between multiple organizations or individual users. The system is centered around instances (such as disasters) which have updates, intended to provide progress reports about the instance. Updates are submitted by users

Mtray - fTray is a folding@home console wrapper part of what will become mTray, a set of tools for F

DEPRECIATEDNew project is here -> https://code.google.com/p/cftunity/ Source code is visible again, I uploaded the last version of fTray I had laying around today. If you're interested just checkout the unstable - only for code review branch. The unstable means more or less I was checking some of the 'on first run' options and decided to ditch it as it will be done differently in cftUnity anyway so why keep waisting time ;) The new project, cftUnity, which stands for console from tray unity and