Virtual Reality Programming Environment

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Virtual Reality Environment based on Internet to teach Logic and Functional Programming



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Prodnv - OpenSocial Application for sharing product reviews and ratings with Friends/Family

A small team of us are working together on this at the OpenSocial WeekendApps Camp on February 20-22 at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. Our OpenSocial application will be deployed on Google App Engine and integrated initially with the Orkut social network. Firefox Add-OnThis Firefox Add-On (AKA Extension) adds Product Envy Wish List link to product pages on the Best Buy site. Instructions for installing the Product Envy Firefox Add-On are here. If you simply want to update your inst


VIA Envy24 based sound cards control utility, for the KDE environment

Mirus - Open Source Operating System

Mirus is an open-source x86 operating system designed for security, flexibility, and optimal easter-egging.

Envy OS - The Open Source Cosmos OS

Envy OS has returned, we're back and better than ever. A new team, the same leader, the same COSMOS kernel. Now with GLNFS physical filesystem!

Currentcost-uploader - A perl linux daemon for uploading currentcost powermeter data to google power

This is a perl script that runs in the background, collects data from the currentcost ENVI home powermeter via its serial port and uploads to google powermeter. The script can be used by a run level manager i.e. init.d to execute on startup. currently only tested on debian and osx snow leopard. Developed on Snow leopard, but probably works fine on anything that can run perl 5.10. written by Nick Fox

Geekos-from-x86-to-arm - Trato de pasar GeekOS x86 a GeekOS ARM9 y correrlo en QEMU con ayuda de U-b

Trato de pasar geekOS x86 a ARM, a ver que sale. El que quiera participar que me envie un mail, sera bien recibido! Nos vemos! No me gusta escribir en ingles asi que lo voy hacer a todo en espaniol. Invito al que no sabe espaniol a aprenderlo =), es un hermoso y complejo lenguaje.

Pycurrentcost - Python Library for talking to the Current Cost CC128 Energy Meter

This is a simple Python Library for communicating with the Current Cost CC128 energy meter ( It's designed to be simple, non-nonsense and easy to use or integrate with other tools and projects.

Pydee - IMPORTANT: Pydee was renamed to Spyder

Latest news:15-Aug-2009: Spyder's Google Code website is available here (mercurial repository is ready and up-to-date) 14-Aug-2009: Spyder v1.0.0beta2 is available 10-Aug-2009: Spyder v1.0.0beta1 is available 08-Aug-2009: Pydee has been renamed to Spyder (for Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment) - Spyder's Google Code website will soon be available, as well as Spyder 1.0.0beta1 - as a consequence, Spyder's mercurial repository is currently not available (only Pydee 1.0.0beta1 source code i

Vikingsstory - An open-source tower defense game.

AboutViking's Story is an open-source tower defence game. It is my first bigger project and I'm working on it for quite long time because of obligations I have (school, etc.), but I believe it will be finished someday. IntroductionBefore the Ragnarök, goddess Hel wanted to destroy Midgard so only gods would exist after the New world is created. She envies every human in Midgard, and therefore she rose an army of soulless monsters to defeat them. Odin, knowing that, sends his first warrior who e

Talon - Observatory Control Software

Talon is a a fully automated open-source solution for automated telescope and observatory control. Talon controls all aspects of robotic astronomical observations, including telescope control, dome control, image processing, scheduled operations, and envi