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A 3D engine written in Java aimed at students of computer science. This engine makes it very easy to visualize objects and create 3D applications.




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Tfc-transmisiones3d - UPC-Trabajo final de carrera - Recepción y transmisión de video 3D sin compr

Recepción y transmisión de video 3D sin comprimir sobre redes IP-Trabajo final de carrera-Trabajo final de carrera centrado en transmisión de video estereoscópico sin comprimir por redes IP. La transmisión se realiza sobre RTP, siguiendo el RFC 4175 para vídeo sin compresión. Los datos se envían en YUV422(UYVY). El contenido visual se captura con cámaras 3D. Se utilizan una Minoru con USB 2.0 y una VIDERE STH-MDCS2-C con IEEE1394. El flujo se dirige a un replicador de paquetes. Cada cli

Sen-emacs-conf - emacs configuration

This is my emacs configuration. It's based on Emacs Starter Kit which I changed so, it's not really compatible. I tried to merge my emacs config and starter kit. Among other things in svn:externals it points to the ruby-mode, scala mode and yasnippet. Thus every time you check this configuration out it also fetches these parts. Also, note that for proper work you'd need to install Pymacs as a standard Python extension, pylint and put next script into your PATH #!/usr/bin/env pythonimport reimpor

Astenn - Lightweight distributed and interoperable plugin system for Java and .NET

IntroductionAstenn est un outil open-source léger facilitant le développement d'applications extensibles, réparties et multi-langages (implémentations Java et .NET disponibles). Astenn permet : Une définition simple de points d'extensions dans les applications ; Une collaboration entre extensions réparties sur plusieurs machines via SOAP, RMI ou .NET Remoting. Astenn est une solution simple et peu intrusive. Son noyau est petit et ne comporte aucune dépendances. Seule une JRE et/ou un env

Logjuicer - a Ruby on Rails production log analyzing application

LogJuicerLogJuicer takes a Rails production log and attempts to squeeze some useful information out of it. Mainly intended for sampling purposes, LogJuicer might help identify which controllers or actions are used most often and which are suffering from long loading times in the real world. NOTE: This project is largely inactive due to the plethora of other performance analysis tools available. DemoA live demo can be seen at http://examples.offtheline.net. Installation/Usage from README:1. Creat

Tpl2cls - Template to Class intelligently transforms a template folder to a python module

Makes classes with render classmethod from jinja2 (and thus django as jinja2 is a superset of django) templates. {%extends%} tags are handled correctly (see example). This project was created because I didn't like rendering templates like this: tpl = get_template_from_file('tpl1.html') return tpl.render({"param1":1,"param2":16}). Instead I prefer calling return templates.tpl1_html.render(1,16) This feels safer since the render function know exactly which params it expects. (see example) This scr

Last-modified - LastModified - Filtered last modificated files

SummaryThe script lists the last modification time of the specified files, adding the possibility to filter the output of files between a number of days since last modification. Usage$ last-mod.py --helpLastModified 2008-12-27 Usage: python last-mod.py [path] [-ge integer] [-le integer] [-v|--verbose] ([-s|--sort] | [-r|--reverse]) [--debug] | --help Options: -ge Last modification greater or equal than 'integer' days. -le Last modification lower or equal than 'integer' days. -s, --sort Sort list

Rudy - Rudy: Not your grandparents' EC2 deployment tool.

Rudy - v0.9 BETANot your grandparents' EC2 deployment tool. Rudy is a development and deployment tool for EC2. It helps you build and maintain infrastructures by organizing them into groups of zones, environments, and roles. By making it quick and easy to build infrastructures, Rudy makes it feasible to run environments only for the time that you need them. All configuration is organized into this hierarchy so you can define properties (machine image, machine type, IP address, etc...) by role, b

Ehpache-monitor - Graph your Apache IdleWorkers n BusyWorkers with Mod_Status under Windows

ehpache will grant you the ability to graph out your apache v2.x mod_status information along with the httpd process of memory usage. Being a windows apache user I was not able to find a stand alone script or tool that granted the ability to monitor the idleworkers and busyworkers in a self contained script without the requirements of excessive 3rd party scripts for the simple task of graphing out the workers over a x point in time. ehpache apache will graph out your busy and idle workers over 4

Net-flickr - Net::Flickr is a Ruby implementation of Flickr's REST API

Update 1/30/09Ryan and I are not heavily maintaining net-flickr any longer. Personally, I have tinkered with many updates to net-flickr only to find out that many others have proceeded me with those same ideas in an ever growing pool of other Ruby based Flickr API wrappers. The hardest problem of maintaining this wrapper is authoring custom interfaces for every API method Flickr releases, and then wrapping those custom methods into a proprietary network of Ruby object relationships. This simply