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Entangled is a distributed hash table (DHT) and peer-to-peer tuple space, based on Kademlia. It is written in Python, and makes use of the Twisted framework. This can be used as a base for creating peer-to-peer (P2P) network applications.




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Kite-runner - A kite flying game

Kite RunnerMy original goal was to create a game that simulated the kite fighting action of the film, The Kite Runner. That means kites try to entangle one another, and then cut the opponent's kite with friction created by rapidly letting out the kite string. So far the only implemented functionality is the ability to fly the two kites around the screen and model the movement of the strings fairly realisticly. I ran into problems trying to figure out how to get the two kite strings to interact.

Sewage-lines - GMU CS 426 game by Janna McLaughlin and Sean Fedak

A puzzle game that drew inspiration from Pipe Dream (AKA Pipe Mania) and Gopherwood Studio's Entanglement.

Php-autoloader - Simple yet powerful PHP Autoloader (yes, another one)

News13/04/2010 - php-autoloader v1.0.0 was released! First stable version is here, featuring: Stable version of php-autoloader library working out-of-the-box GenerateAutoLoaderIndexTask - Phing task that can be easily incorporated into your build process PHPUnit tests suite (90+ tests!) providing around 97% code coverage for source code Grab it from here. IntroYet another approach to PHP auto-loading. It may even become your favourite one :) BTW Reading all that stuff below seems boring? You wan

Kraft-der-mada - A role playing game based on the popular DSA system

Kraft der Mada is a role playing game placed in Aventuria. You play the role of a supposedly insignificant town watch warden, who entangles herself in the struggles of the deities. Kraft der Mada is a 3D third person role playing game loosely implementing the DSA rules.

Entangle - a zero config shared digital surface without limits

Entangle was initially designed to be a collaborative whiteboarding application, however, as features were added, the application's uses started expanding allowing it to function more like a mix between a peer to peer web browser, a live remote performance tool, and a instant messaging application. Some of the following features are intended to be added but most are already implemented: -realtime collaborative text editor -realtime collaborative multitouch drawing surface -multi-user ftp via dra

Ea-turbo - Matlab files for creating and simulating entanglement-assisted quantum turbo codes

The software "EA-Turbo" supports the results in the paper "Entanglement boosts quantum turbo codes", authored by Mark M. Wilde and Min-Hsiu Hsieh. The paper is about quantum turbo error-correcting codes that exploit entanglement shared between the sender and receiver before communication begins. All software is in the Matlab scripting language (with the "bottleneck" parts written in C and the MEX interface for significant speedups), and it is available under the GNU General Public License v3. Th

Smq - A thread supporting simple MessageQUeue system with everything you need to use it right away w

SimpleMessageQueue is a lightweight Message Queue library that is designed to be as easy to use as events without the thread entanglement dangers of events and handlers. Simple message queue is just that. a really simple, easy to use message queue that doesn't force you to manage the details of a queue. It brings along the power of thread disassociation on events that the regular C# event and callback system can't provide without a bunch of custom support code. FeaturesLightweight, easilly exten

Wcg - WarCraft Generations

Official home of Warcraft GenerationsWarcraft Generations is a server side AMXX mod based on War3:FT for Counter-Strike 1.6 Note. There are no support for running server bots with this mod. Use bots at your own risk. Latest changes: Beta 6 Adjusted rogue's Cheat Death. Resurrected players now regain their ankh on spawning. Fixed items in status bar not showing correctly some times. Adjusted paladin's Divine Protection. Fixed MySQL functions. Implemented basic paladin class. Some skills are now a

Qcrypto - A collection of code for a practical entanglement-based quantum key distribution system

This is the repository for the source code used in a series of quantum key distribution experiments at the National University of Singapore, from key generation in form time-stamped detector data to error correction and privacy amplification. The code was designed to work with entanglement-based pair detection schemes, either implementing a BB84-type/BBM92 protocol, or an Ekert-91 protocol, which we (Centre for Quantum Technologies) used for our implementations (1,2) of quantum key ditribution s