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A Java Audio File Tagger , using the freedb online database for the retrieval of the tags, released under the (L)GPL license. It supports custom file renaming from tags (with any directory stucture) and vice versa. Supports: mp3, ogg, flac, mpc, ape,wma




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Mtpretag - Tool for re-tagging mp3's while transferring to a USB Mp3 Player

IntroductionIf you're like me and organise your mp3's into directories by category then it can be very annoying when using MTP media devices (most portable mp3 players) because they only allow you to browse your music by tag (album/artist/title/genre etc.). This can be somewhat limiting since the categorisation you impose with your directory structure is lost. This can make it difficult to find the music you're looking for while browsing on the device. It is especially difficult when the music i