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RIA AJAX enabled framework is designed for building enterprise application. This framework is expected to work in conjunction with services and acts as presentation layer for SOA.




Related Projects


DataCleaner is a data quality analysis application and a solution platform for DQ solutions. It's core is a strong data profiling engine, which is extensible and thereby adds data cleansing, transformations, enrichment, deduplication, matching and merging. Website: http://datacleaner.org


Jyntax is a simple, easy-to-use, light-weight syntax highlighter for Java. It is designed for applications providing JTextComponents that should be enriched with syntactical highlighting and works best for formal (logical or mathematical) input.

Domui - Domui is the javascript framework used for enriching the presentation of current HTML DOM.

Domui is the javascript framework used for enriching the presentation of current HTML DOM.

HTML-based CSS Editor

HtmlCssEditor can enrich a web-based html editors by adding possibility to create css elements using a GUI. The editor contains an easy to use javascript API that allows easy integration with the html editor.

Openpandora - Windows Pandora Player

OpenPandora is a windows desktop application that exposes Pandora music discovery service.OpenPandora fully integrates with the desktop environment and adds additional features to enrich the music listening experience.

Odie-project - Ontology Driven Information Extraction

ODIE aims to use ontologies to extract information from free text. In addition, ODIE aims to enrich ontologies with new concepts and relations.

Bookmarkj - Collection of bookmarklets

Use javascript bookmarklets to enrich your surfing experience TOC generating bookmarklethttp://bookmarkj.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/gentoc/test/test.html

Mstump-learning-exercises - Matt Stump's learning exercises

I needed a place to store code as I work through different self enrichment exercises.

High-Resolution Online Digital Clock

High-resolution Digital Clock: light-weight Javascript code snippet added to ASP.NET Web page could enrich user experience and overall impression

Splunk-ip-tag - IP Tagging events with Splunk

The goal of IP tagging is to enrich the events with as much intelligence as possible to help shorten the time you are searching/investigating your data. This can be accomplished in several different ways: Using a Splunk Pre-Processor to append the events before they are indexed to enrich the splunk datastore. IPtagProcessor Using a search operator (with Splunk 3.x) to add the fields to your events when the resultset is returned. IPIntelCommand Not using splunk and want to pull in intel to almost