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Because we have huge customer demand that we are working hard to support, we have not had the time to make contributions to the open source community in recent months. nbsp;But this is only a temporary situation – we will be back!



Related Projects

Enom-api - WSDL 2.0 and Java stub for reseller API

A small project which parses eNom's PDF based reseller documentation to generate a WSDL 2.0 and XSD description of the service. This WSDL is then used via Apache Axis2 to generate a Java client for the service. Clients in other languages should also be possible. Unfortunately Enom don't provide the WSDL (Please email them suggesting they fix this). However a copy of the WSDL is included in this project: So y


Freenomalism is a free, community based fork of the Enomalism web-based virtual infrastructure/cloud computing platform. The dashboard can help with issues including deployment planning, load balancing, migration, configuration management, and capacity.

Ptc-render - Side Effects Software mantra-compatible dso plug-in module for producing system of clou

See summary for brief details. Enomous pointclouds, which may produce hscallop, for example (about ~billion of points) is a challenge for any modern renderer. This project offers a dso-module, which may render such clouds, which are splitted and described before rendering with another tool (scallop splitter)

enom - drupal enom integration

drupal enom integration

ruby-enom - eNom domain reseller API wrapper

eNom domain reseller API wrapper

enom-api - Java binding for API

Java binding for API

node-enom - API for node.js API for node.js

enom-api - eNom API Ruby Client

eNom API Ruby Client