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ENodes is a reliable web development and publishing framework written in Perl and geared on mod_perl. It aims to manage multiple domains using versioning, access lock, user workflow, a fully integrate plugin interface and the list goes on.




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Fsch - Adobe Flex + Ant tasks + Compiler SHell = Fastest compilation.

Flex Compiler SHell integration with Apache AntCurrent version 1.0.133 Post your feature requests hereHow it worksDownload and install FCSHServer. Set environment variable FCSHServer={application directory, e.g. C:\\Program File\\Fcsh Server\\}. Edit server.ini file: setup Flex SDK location (e.g. sdk=C:\\Flex_sdk_3.0) or modify Flex Compiler SHell vmoptions Application directory contains fcsh.jar file. So example ant build.xml is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><project name="project.main

Fowa - Framework of open Wireless Architecture

Framework of open Wireless ArchitectureFOWA is a scalable and extensible programmable wireless platform, built from the ground up, to prototype advanced wireless networks. The open-access FOWA repository will allow exchange and sharing of new physical and network layer architectures, end to end design and application s for making & deploying BWA products with solutions in mass scale. Researched FPGAs will be used to enable programmability of both physical and network layer protocols on a single


ENode is a P2P database system

MyDistributedBase - the distribued enode written by java

the distribued enode written by java

e-nodes - project for nodes & groups

project for nodes & groups

enode - Easily harness the power of DNode/Upnode

Easily harness the power of DNode/Upnode


An open-source framework which provide the ability to develop ddd+cqrs+event sourcing+in memory style applications.